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Do you have the right to insist your 17-year-old daughter live at home until she is 18 in New Mexico?

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The law is yes, but she'll just run away. Sit down and ask her why she wants to move away. Don't fight her! She'll get a good dose of reality and it won't be long before she's home again. Give her no assistance when she is out on her own and it's not out of control on your part, but she needs to learn how much it costs to live on her own. She wants it, give it to her! By fighting over this you will just alienate her from you. She isn't that far from being a young woman and as difficult as it is for you it's time to cut the umbilical cord and let her flex her independence.

2006-08-28 01:03:20
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Q: Do you have the right to insist your 17-year-old daughter live at home until she is 18 in New Mexico?
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