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Do you have the right to move in with your grandparents who live in Arkansas without your parents' permission?


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Not unless your grandparents are granted custody/guardianship by the court.

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1. Get Grandparents'/Parents' Permission or 2. Get married (which will require Grandparent's/Parents' permission) or 3. She gets emancipated (which is hard to do without grandparents'/parents' permission)

In Arkansas you have to be at least 18 to get married without permission. With parental permission of both sets of parents can get married at 16 or 17. Under 16 is no longer allowed.

Yes, But you need parents permission.. You have to go to the school and fill out the homeschooling papers. If you plan to drop out, make plans to get your GED immediately. You are dead in the water careerwise without it.

She can not get married without parents or the courts permission.

What it requires is a court order. Without one, it doesn't matter how "unhappy" the child is, they have to live with their parents.

Your great grandparents are the parents of your grandparents. A more specific answer is not possible without identifying the person whose great grandparents are to be identified.

You must be 18 without parental permission.

In the United States, 16 with your parents permission. And 17 and older without your parents permission.

16 with parents permission, 18 without permission.

Pregnant without permission or marriage without permission? That's not very specific.

you have to be 14, in order to get it done without parents permission.

Not without the permission of their parents. Until they reach 18 in New York, the parents are responsible for him.

16 is the age in New Zealand that you can leave school without the permission of your parents.

Parents that are married to each other have equal rights to their children and does not have to ask permission from the other one. If they choose to have some rules within their marriage it has nothing to do with the law.

No, but you can leave home at 18 without needing your parents permission.

At 18 you are an adult and do not need parents permission for ANYTHING.

Some states have grandparents rights in the law so the grandparents can seek visitation. Others do not. Without going to court the grandparents only have the rights the parents allow them to have.

You can't get married at 14 with your parents permission in any civilised country never mind without their permission.

No, only someone "of age" (18 years) can live without parental permission, If they do the parents can be charged with abuse.

Not without their permission.

No, they cannot do so legally, unless they have parental permission. Until they are 18 or married, the parents are responsible.

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