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Do you have to be an RN in order to go into pediatrics?


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It depends on what you are doing within pediatrics. If not a doctor, or RN, then maybe a nurses aid, or a records clerk etc.


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i dont get the question there is no such thing as Rn nurse plus pediatrics

its a form of a rn but they specilize in infants and children.. (pediatrics)

To acquire a RN status from an LPN status, you must go back to school and earn the proper degree and field time in order to successfully become an RN. This means long hours of studying for tests and interning at various locations.

In order to get a job as an RN, you will need to go to college and receive a nursing license. If you do not wish to do all the schooling at one time, you can go for a year or two, receive your LPN license and work as a nurse before deciding if you really would like to become an RN.

To be rn trained is to go through nursing school or a nursing training course to become a certified nurse. An RN is a certified nurse. There are places all over the US that have RN training and schools to go to.

No, not at all. You can go to college and become an RN just as any other RN does.

RN is a registered nurse which requires a bachelors degree and some nursing school in order to become an RN. LPN is a licensed practical nurse and only requires 2 years or an associates degree in order to become.

The median expected salary for a typical Staff Nurse - RN - Pediatrics - Home Care in the United States is $55,496.

From what I know they take care of kids and babies. Tools they use are: stethascope thermometer, and heart tracker. Other stuff we use at the doctor. THey get payed good as well. == ==

To become an RN you must go to nursing school. You can be done in two years.

A NP or Nurse Practitioner in pediatrics can diagnosis, provide maintenance care, prescribe, medications, order lab test and x-rays.

No, in order to become a APRN you need to have a degree in nursing and be licensed as an RN.

No you cannot. To work as an RN, you must complete the program of study, received your RN degree, and passed the national licensing examination known as the NCLEX-RN.

enough, people go into pediatrcics a year. your welcome (=

Pediatrics is the field, a pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in pediatrics.

Pediatrics is the medical treatment of children. Here are some sentences.The doctor specialized in pediatrics.Pediatrics is on the fourth floor of the hospital.I want to study pediatrics in medical school.

4 years of college4 years of medical school1 year of a Pediatrics internship2 years of a Pediatrics residency

Two years if you go for an ADN, four if you go for a BSN. Check out your community colleges. Some have 2 year RN programs.

My wife is just finishing her RN. She had three years of school.With lots of lab classes,microbiology,pediatrics,meds,and injection training,writing courses,and lots of hard tests.

Yes, today you can get your RN training and certification online. You have to make sure it is from an accredited university however, in order to be able to work in a hospital.

A RN test is simply a test required to be passed in order to get a job as a registered nurse in the United States. It doesn't do anything for you unless you pass it.

The specialties of pediatrics is medicine for infants to adolescent.

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