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Do you have to be married to have a joint mortgage in Florida?

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Whose credit score is used on a joint mortgage?

Both persons if it is applicable. In some cases a married couple will hold a joint mortgage but only the wage earner will have a credit score on record.

What happens when you sever a joint mortgage?

You cannot sever a joint mortgage. It must be paid off.You cannot sever a joint mortgage. It must be paid off.You cannot sever a joint mortgage. It must be paid off.You cannot sever a joint mortgage. It must be paid off.

Do both parties on a joint mortgage have to file bankruptcy on a joint mortgage?

No, both parties on a joint mortgage do not need to file bankruptcy. They can file a joint bankruptcy or a single bankruptcy.

Is your property in Michigan exempt if you do not pay your mortgage in Florida?

Your property in Michigan would not be affected by your mortgage in Florida.Your property in Michigan would not be affected by your mortgage in Florida.Your property in Michigan would not be affected by your mortgage in Florida.Your property in Michigan would not be affected by your mortgage in Florida.

Can a same-sex married couple file a joint state income tax return in Florida?

No married couple is permitted to file a joint state income tax return in Florida. Florida is one of the seven US states that have no individual income tax.

If you are married and refinance a primary residence in Florida does your wife have to go on the mortgage?

Yes. Your wife will have to sign the Mortgage. She will be on the Deed, the Title and the Mortgage. You however, if you are the only one that is borrowering the funds, will be the only on the Promissary Note.

What happens to the joint mortgage holder of a take over mortgage if the original mortgage holder pays the loan?

The joint person is still responsible until the loan is paid off or refinanced out of the person's joint name.

Where can someone obtain more information on mortgage rates in Florida?

Mortgage rate information in Florida can be obtained online or at a mortgage company. Zillow, Realtor, and Homes are websites that can provide more information on mortgage rates in Florida.

Where would one look for information regarding a Florida mortgage?

The best place to find information regarding a Florida mortgage would be to locate a Realtor or bank located in Florida. There is a website called Mortgage Fit in which the details of a Florida mortgage and the laws are better explained

Where can Florida mortgage rates be obtained?

Online mortgage rates can be obtained from banks or other providers of mortgages in florida it can also be provided online from mortgage specialists located or specializing in florida

What are some ways to find out the mortgage rates in Florida?

Zillow and Florida Mortgage are great websites to find current mortgage rates in Florida. You can also visit banks such as Chase or Bank of America to acquire their latest mortgage rates.

Your husband passed away you have joint mortgage do you still have to pay mortgage?


If you have a joint mortgage with an ex partner and you are refused a chage of parties for your joint mortgage are there any other options to getting them off the mortgage?

contact a real estate attorney in your state to assist you

Can you take your partners name of a joint mortgage if they are not paying their half of the mortgage as per agreement?


Where could one find more information on Florida mortgages?

Information about mortgages in Florida can be found at Mortgage Rate, Florida Mortgage Alliance and Mortgage Lenders. To see rates, check the local newspaper every Wednesday when the banks post their updated mortgage rates.

Should married couples get a joint checking account?

There are pros and cons to spouses sharing a joint account. In today's volatile economic climate, it is more adviasable to have separate accounts. If you wish to have a joint account, use it as a maintenance account for paying joint bills: mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.

In Florida can two non-married people with different incomes have both their names on a mortgage and the deed?

Absolutely. Anyone can be named on a deed.

Where can you find Mortgage refinancing in Jacksonville?

There are several companies that offer Mortgage refinancing in Jacksonville. Some of these are: Jacksonville Mortgage, American Equity Mortgage, and Florida Mortgage.

Can a married couple take out a joint mortgage even if the wife is not working?


If your fiancee files a chapter 7 bankruptcy and you get married how will that affect you?

It will only become an issue if you apply for joint credit such as a mortgage, vehicle financing, and so forth.

What is Abbey Mortgage used for?

Abbey Mortgage is a business located in Ocala, Florida. The company specializes in offering mortgage loans in the state of Florida. The company has been in business for 15 years.

You live in Florida married in Nevada is the married good in Florida?

Yes you are still married in Florida.

Is a joint mortgage needed for joint ownership?

Not necisarily. If you are married and the house was bought after the marriage then no. If you are married and the house was bought before the marriage and the person that did not originaly buy the house made one payment on it or you had a joint account that the payments came out of, then they are half owner. If you are just living together with no marriage, then the house it the person's that bought it, but you have to be carful of common law marriage.

What is the approximate home mortgage rate for a home in Florida?

According to information on the website BankRate, the current approximate home mortgage rate in Florida is 4.05%. This is when taking out a 30 year home mortgage.

To renew a joint mortgage do both parties have to sign?