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I would. Just remove radiator cap and start the engine and let it run for 30 minutes. As it runs, the stat will open and coolant will circulate pushing the air out. You will need to watch it and top off the coolant. After 30 minutes of cycling this will be done.

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Q: Do you have to bleed the cooling system after changing the thermostat on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier and if so how?
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How do you change a thermostat on a 1994 cavalier?

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the water hose from the thermostat housing. Remove the thermostat housing retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

How do you operate your cooling system in your house?

Turn it on with thermostat

Why would a van overheat after changing the thermostat and water pump?

Assuming it did not overheat before you replaced thermostat and water pump you may have installed the thermostat backwards. It is also possible the cooling system wasn't refilled properly and was air bound.

Your heat will not get hot?

Replace the thermostat and service the cooling system.

Where is the cooling system located in a Chevy Traverse?

The cooling system is the radiator, engine fan, thermostat, and hoses...

Will installing a thermostat backwards make problems with check engine light?

It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.

Do you have to bleed the cooling system after changing a radiator hose?


When do i replace my thermostat in a 2000 GMC Jimmy?

When you service the cooling system.

Where is the thermostat on pug 306 s16?

The thermostat for the cooling system can be found on the front of the engine. You can follow the bottom radiator hose to the thermostat housing. The thermostat will be within the thermostat housing.

Where is thermostat olds 3800 series 2 engine?

the thermostat is located in the housing where the top radiator hose enters the engine. Note: there is also a brass screw on the top of the housing, this is to bleed the air from the cooling system when you replace the thermostat (or do other cooling system repairs)

What temperature does the fan kick on anf off for a 99 Chevy cavalier 2.4l?

This engine and cooling system fan on 210 F. and stabilize at 195 degree.... 210 on a hot summer day.... with a 180 thermostat

Where can you find a schematic for a 1993 Chevy Cavalier wiring and cooling system?

You can find a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier schematic diagram, for the wiring and cooling system, at most Chevrolet dealerships. You can also find the diagram at most auto-parts stores.

How do you change the thermostat on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier?

1. Drain the cooling system.2. Remove the lower radiator hose from thermostat outlet.3. Remove the thermostat outlet bolts and outlet. Remove the thermostat.4. Clean the mating surfaces of the radiator outlet and the radiator outlet pipe.To install:1. Install the thermostat.2. Install the thermostat outlet and bolts.3. Install the coolant outlet attaching bolts and tighten the thermostat outlet bolts to 10 ft. lbs. (14 Nm).4. Install the lower radiator hose to thermostat outlet.5. Fill the cooling system.6. Inspect for leaks.

When to replace your thermostat?

Replace your thermostat whenever you replace the coolant and service the cooling system. Also replace it if you suspect it is sticking.

Why does heater not get hot after driving 10 miles?

your thermostat in the cooling system is probably stuck open, you will need to replace your thermostat

Where in the cooling system is the thermostat in a 2000 range rover?

It is an in line thermostat and is housed in a 'plastic ball' in the bottom radiator hose.

What can cause a 1998 cavalier run hot?

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening? System airbound? Radiator plugged or flow restricted? Defective radiator cap? Water pump not operating? Clutch or cooling fan not working?

Cooling system 1998 expedition?

The cooling system in the 198 Expedition includes the radiator and its reservoir along with the thermostat. This system included an oil cooler as well, depending on the model purchased.

What is po440 evap control system on a 1999 cavalier emission test?

po440 is a problem on cooling system or fan in radiator

Where is the thermostat located Toyota Corolla 2003?

The thermostat is located on the cooling system on a 2003 Toyota Corolla. The thermostat can also be found by following the upper radiator hose.

Do you have to bleed cooling system on a 1989 ford probe after changing the thermostat?

If there is not bleed valve for the coolant you will have to do it manually. Fill the radiator up and start the car. After it warms up the coolant level will drop, refill it.

Why is Cooling System Overheating?

Low coolant? Cooling fan not working? Bad thermostat? Cooling system airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator core plugged or restricted? Bad radiator cap?

What will cause a dodge Dakota to overheat after changing the water pump?

Low coolant? Cooling system airbound? Low coolant? Cooling system airbound?

How do you change thermostat to Isuzu Rodeo 1998?

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the water supply line to the thermostat. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. Remove the thermostat. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

Where is the thermostat located in a 1999 Honda CR-V?

The cooling system thermostat can be located by looking down at the thick fat hose that comes out of the top of radiator. Visually follow this hose down to where it attaches by a clamp to a metal housing on the engine block. The cooling system thermostat is located within that housing.