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Because of the constant advancements in medicine and technologies, medical doctors must continue to be updated. Thus, they are always involved in research, seminars, etc.

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Q: Do you have to continue further education after becoming a doctor?
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Can you start a sentence with the word Becoming?

Becoming a doctor requires years of education and practical experience.

What a person called who get doctorate degree in education?

Doctor of Education (EdD)Doctor of Education (EdD)Doctor of Education (EdD)Doctor of Education (EdD)Doctor of Education (EdD)Doctor of Education (EdD)

What are the possibilities a person can get into becoming a doctor?

To become a good Doctor you have to have done well in school and have a good education. Also you have to be able to not feel sick when you see disgusting things.

What kind of degree do you need to become a neutrologist?

Neurologist (no T). You must attend a medical school and become a doctor (about 6-7 years), then continue for another 3-4 years depending on the school of choice to receive further education to specialize in neurology.

What prospects does a doctor have for being promoted in his career?

A doctor can be promoted to Chief of Medicine/Surgery for a hospital, Medical Director for a labratory or hospital, or he can further his education and become a professor of medicine.

How can I become a weight loss doctor in a short amount of time?

No, you can't become a weight loss doctor in a short amount of time. You can read about the steps that must be taken at There is no short route to take in becoming a weight loss doctor. Becoming any type of doctor takes time, training and education.

Can you give me a sentence using the word 'crucial'?

Oxygen is the crucial element in air that is vital for survival. Education and training are crucial steps to becoming a doctor.

Do you have to finish high school to be a pharmacist?

High school and College and Pharmacy School. Becoming a licensed pharmacist requires almost as much education as being a doctor.

How to Write a speech on becoming a doctor?

You need to include in the speech the types of education that is going to be required. You should also talk about all of the different types of specialty doctors.

What does the EdD degree stand for?

The Doctorate in Education EdD, can take anywhere from three to eight years after the Masters degree, depending on the course load taken. In addition, length of time will also be dependent on how long it takes to complete the dissertation and whether on not you have a real job in the meantime!

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Further Adventures of Doctor Syn was created in 1936.

When will Doctor Who season 6 continue?

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