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Do you have to get married at your own church?


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AnswerDo you have to get married at your own church?

No. In fact I am completely against requiring someone to involve their church in their marital affairs.

Live & Let Live!

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He was married at matha's vineyard. He wasnt married at a church at all.

muhammad (saw) didn't get married in a church he got married in a masjid

In reality, you do not have to go to church regularly to be married in a church. However, you need to be a follower of that church's religion to be married there, and going to church is a part of being a "good" follower.

A catholic but couldn't get divorced so changed his religion and created his own church of England church so he could get married (protestant)

No pastors do not own the church.

People choose to get married in a church because it is traditional. Others choose to get married in a church because it is associated with their faith.

You can only get married in a Catholic Church when the union is not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

You can never get married in a church at 16 you have to wait until you are 18.

If you are going to get married in a Church and follow the laws of the Church, why would you lie about it?

You cannot get married if you are already married. A church may be willing to bless your marriage.

He made is own church and his own rules and made his own church which is known as the church of England!

Yes. Your daughter has her own life. No God wishes you to interfere in that.

Because they are married to the Church. So they can't be married to the Church and a woman.

Muslims can't get married in a church. One or both parties have to be Catholic.

Yes, they can. My godmother was not married in a catholic church, and neither was my friend's.

of course you can!! god wants us all to get married and reproduce. he would love for uto get married in a church. even if u dont go there!!

King Henry was married 6 times. He and the pope argued over whether he could divorce or not. The pope refused and Henry decided to have his own church with his rules and so began the Church of England.

a Church probably in the us

Elvis was married in a little church that is currently being restored at a museum in Henderson Nevada.

At least one of the party needs to be a Catholic to be married in the Catholic Church.

Yes, because in the eyes of the Lord, they are not married. They are allowed to get married in a church, but only once, if it is in a Catholic church. --> See Catholism

You have to get your previous marriage annulled before you get married in the church again. A divorce by law is not recognized by the church- the previous marriage has to be deemed "a non valid Christian marriage."

That depends entirely on the church and the person ministering at that church.

No as catholic priests and popes can not get married. Roman Catholic priests cannot be married UNLESS they are already married when they convert to Roman Catholicism from the Anglican church or an Orthodox church. A priest can also be a widower. Pope Benedict is NOT married. He is not married. Priests can't get married in catholic Church. They live in celibacy.

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