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No not really. Some places advertise an events planner certificate but its not a requirement, it just makes it easier cause it goes through all sorts of things from the planning end to the business end.

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Q: Do you have to go to college to be a wedding planner?
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How long do wedding planners go to college for?

how long dose a wedding planner go to college

Do wedding planners have to go to college?

If you want to become a professinal wedding planner than yes. but if not then no.

Where can one enroll for wedding planner courses?

One can enroll for wedding planner courses from these sources: Open Study College, THe Wedding Planner Book, Penn Foster, Ashworth College, Wedding Beautiful.

Does a wedding planner have to go to college?

You would certainly be taken more seriously if you did.

What types of classes do they have to become a wedding planner?

You can go to college to be a wedding planner. Try looking up online different colleges in your area and see what is avalible.

How do you start at becoming a weeding planner if you don't go to college?

Earn a certificate in wedding planning

What colleges are good for becoming a wedding planner?

there is no such thing as a wedding planner college or major for that matter. there are certifications for wedding planners but they have nothing to do with college. if you want to own your own wedding consulting business, then major in business or entreprenuership

How many years of college to be a wedding planner?

People wishing to become a wedding planner can attend a certificate program or two year associates degree. Although school is offered it is not required to become a wedding planner.

Where do you go to get hired to be a wedding planner?

For hire wedding planner you should go to wedding burro and they can contact you to wedding planer. Indian Matrimony I presume you already have some qualification or experience as a wedding planner. If not, you will have to impress with your interpersonal skills.

Do you have to go to school to be a wedding planner?

You do, because if you don't then how can you work to a "Wedding Planner Business Shop." So I recommend you.

What kind of college should you go to become a wedding planner?

The Wedding Planning Institute. (phone 1.888.221.9988) The Wedding Planning Institute. 1997 - 2012. A Division of Lovegevity, Inc.

What must a person achieve in order to become a wedding planner?

Becoming a wedding planner is a natural talent. If you love planning events specially wedding and bridal showers then a career in wedding planning is definitely a yes. To read an article if you should be a wedding planner, go to

Where should I go to become a wedding planner?

There are a list of available places to go to be a wedding planner. There are colleges, and even online programs to be a certified wedding planner. It is a dying profession, however, and this questioner should be warned it has become harder to become one

Who was Katie prices wedding planner?

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

How long to wedding plasnners have to go to college?

Actually, a wedding planner is not required to go to college. It would look better to have some sort of experience in planning on your resume and many community colleges offer low cost classes to teach the basic skills required in wedding planning.

How many meeting should you have with the wedding planner if the wedding is in six months?

The wedding planner is the one that should tell you how many times you need to see him or her. It generally takes three meetings. Going the first time to talk over prices and deciding what you want the wedding planner to do; another meeting to go over everything the wedding planner has been asked to do and then a third time to go over it just to be sure everything is done by the wedding planner that you want done and to pay the bill.

Where can you study to become a wedding planner?

where can you study to become a wedding planner?

What is the duration of The Wedding Planner?

The duration of The Wedding Planner is 1.72 hours.

What job can you go for when you go to college?

u can get many good jobs like becoming a Doctor, professional wedding planner, or even by penning a business of your own

How much time should a wedding planner spend with a bride?

As much as possible. The wedding planner has to no the bride. Otherwise the wedding wont be the bride's and groom's dream wedding, it would be the wedding planner.

Slogan fr a wedding planner slogan for a wedding planner?

A moment like this...I do!

When was The Wedding Planner released?

The Wedding Planner was released on 01/26/2001.

What was the Production Budget for The Wedding Planner?

The Production Budget for The Wedding Planner was $28,000,000.

When was The Wedding Planner created?

The Wedding Planner was created on 2001-01-26.

How long does a wedding planner have to go to school for?

you really dont have to go to school