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If the vehicle has a leinholder, regardless where you drive it, it has to have full coverage insurance (or able to show financial responsibility). This is due to anything can happen and the leinholder wants their property covered. Whether a tree falls on it, it slips out of gear, etc. With vehicles that do not have leinholders, it is not a requirement to hold full coverage, but it is law to have liability insurance. Liability insurance is not insurance on the vehcile but on the individual, in case the individual causes harm or damage to another. Alot of people misuderstand, that concept. you can back up and bump someone damage their car or hurt them, that is what liability insurance is for. It is required by law, anytime you operate a vehicle whether on a public street or not.

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Q: Do you have to insure a car if you dont drive it on the public streets?
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