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Q: Do you have to live in nyc district to go to Bronx high school of science?
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When was The Bronx High School of Science created?

The Bronx High School of Science was created in 1938.

What is The Bronx High School of Science's motto?

The Bronx High School of Science's motto is 'Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.'.

What is best physics high school in the world?

Thomas Jefferson High or maybe Bronx High School of Science

What school did Stokely Carmichael go to?

The Bronx High School of Science for gifted students. (:

Where did Neil degrasse Tyson go for grade school?

Bronx High School of Science

What is the average SAT score for Bronx School of Science?

the average sat score at the bronx high school of science, #2 in new york, is 2000 sometimes higher sometimes lower.

Where are the good high schools in the Bronx?

There is a plethora of high schools available to attend within the Bronx, New York. There are two specialized high schools, which require entrance examinations for entrance. These high schools are the Bronx High School of Science and the High School for American Studies at Lehman College. Probably the best non-specialized high school is within a few blocks of the two others, at DeWitt Clinton High School and it's MACY Honors & Gifted Program.

What score do you have to got in the shsat to get in to Bronx science high school?

The lowest you can get is about 510 but not less

What do you have to be good at to go Bronx HS of science?

Not anything special. I am a freshman at Bronx High School of Science. You really just need to be encouraged. That's how you'll do well.

Name of different High school in Bronx New York?

There are several high schools in the Bronx, New York. The easiest method to obtain the names of all the high schools in the Bronx would be to look at a copy of the current New York City High School Directory. A few popular high schools include: # DeWitt Clinton High School # Bronx High School of Science # High School of American Studies # John F. Kennedy High School # Colombus High School # Herbert H. Lehman High School # Harry S. Truman High School # Walton High School # Taft High School # Roosevelt High School

How many people did good in the SHSAT test in 2008?

I got into the Bronx High School of Science with a 652.

Does the student of the Bronx high school of science wear uniform?

well most of schools do wear uniforms