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yes its a DAY camp

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Q: Do you have to pay for day camp as well as child support in New York state for your children ages 11 and 9?
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In the state of new york does a father who does not pay child support have the right to visit his children?


Can you change child support from the State of New York to a state where child support ends at 18?

No. Child support terms are based upon the laws of the state in which the minor child resides.

In New York Does the child support automatically end when the child turns 18?

does support end at 18 in new york state

How long do you have to pay child support in New York State if child is in college but lives on there own?

telll me this who is paying child support?

When does child support stop in New York state when the child attends college?

Do the right thing by your kids and you will never have to worry about child support

Do you still have to pay child support after 21 in the state of New York?


New york state child support maximum age?

In New York State the maximum age for child support is 21 years old. However that is considered "emancipated" if the child gets married, becomes self-supporting, or joins the military.

Are parents still liable for the actions and support of their children who are 18 or older in New York State?

The child is no longer a minor. As an adult, they are responsible for themselves.

In New York State a parent that gave up their rights have to pay child support?

Yes, depending on the divorce decree, a parent in New York State will still need to pay child support even when parent rights are terminated. This varies depending on exactly what the judge ordered at the child support hearing.

What age do you stop child support in New York?

The legal age of majority for the state is 18. The terms of the latest support order determine when child support obligations cease.

If paying child support in New York state and then you move to Pennsylvania who collects your child support from your checks NY or PA?

The state of residence of the obligor, which than transfers it to the other state, who can than claim not to have received it.

Is it true you can collect child support till your child is 21 in new york state?

Yes. see link

When do stop paying child support in New York State?

In the New York state you are required to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 21. This may stop if you can prove to the court that the child is emancipated, not living with parents and has a source of income, in the military or married. How one goes about this, I have no idea.

How do i collect child support on my baby father he not have vistation rights because he live in new york and the work he do will endanger my child?

The answer to this child support question and many others for the state of New York can be found here.

Does new york state law include spouse's income when determining child support?

No, New York does not take a new spouse's income into account when calculating child support. However, if you owe back child support, the state is able to garnish joint assets, such as a joint checking account or a joint tax refund.

What happens if the custodial parent cancels child support in New York moves and changes contact information so that the father is unable to contact the children?

He finds her, files an injunction to have the children returned, and start putting aside child support into a trust fund because she will likely refile for retroactive child support in another state. see link below

When does Child Support end in NY State?

Don't know if it is a New York support order? if new york order, I believe they collect thru age 21. Each state is different

Can the state of new york take your inheritance if you owe back child support?


Where could one look up child support agencies in the state of New York?

The Division of Child Support Enforcement has a section on its site dedicated to New York Child Support and extensive information about their programs and services (from information for teen parents, to guides on how to apply for programs).

If the mother of a child does not want child support can New York State Department of social services force her to go after the support?

If the mother is receiving any kind of assisstanse, yes, they will open child support case and pursue it.

How do you get an overpayment back from your new york state child support?

generally is not done. see links

Can a 35 year old adult child collect back child support from his biological father in new york state after the mother who never filed for child support is dead?

No. The statute of limitations for child support arrears in New York is twenty years from the date of the default. However, in your case it seems that your mother never obtained a court order for child support. You have no cause of action.

What are the child support laws in New York?

Please go onto: TYPE IN: What are the child support laws in New York. Marcy Both parents are responsible to support the maintenance and educational needs of their children. The factors being who has the most financial resources, the health of the child, tax consequences (EEC) and so forth. Basic assessment for the non-custodial parent is, 1 child 17%, 2 children 25%, 3 children 29%, 4 children 31%, 5 or more children 35% of net income.

When do you go to the child support agency when you want to stop payments after child reaches maturity in the state of New York?

Right after the child turns 21

In a child support case between Florida and New York which state governs the child support rate?

In my case, the amount of child support was determined by the state which filed the divorce/custody/support proceedings. My daughter lives with her father in New York, yet Florida has jurisdiction because that is where the original proceedings were filed. When she lived with me, Florida also dictated how much he was to pay me...even though he lived in NY.