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No driving classes are not required in Ohio, if you 18+, but your insurance premium will be higher than someone who took the course.

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2009-02-26 23:23:59
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Q: Do you have to take driving classes when your 18 to get your license in Ohio?
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Are driving safety classes required in Ohio?

The driving safety classes are needed in the state of Ohio in order to drive. Also you must have a certificatio in order to take the permit test.

Can the court mandate you to take defensive driving classes?

Yes, they can. Typically you have to be at risk for losing your license before they mandate that.

Can you get a drivers license in Ohio if you are from Illinois?

If you have legally moved to Ohio, you can take your Illinois licence and get an Ohio license.

Qatari driving license is valid for entire gcc?

Not all GCC country especially in UAE (for example),but holding a Qatari Driving License in a advantage because Qatar is a member of GCC,some of my friends..told need to take a quick test in your driving skill if you pass you can get your driving license in the day (UAE),but "if not"you need to take classes for some driving school and theory exam./road test etc.....

Can I get cheaper car insurance if It take driving classes?

When you first get your drivers license, most auto insurance companies will give at least a small discount if you have taken professional driving courses.

Pakistan driving license?

A person can get a Pakistan driving license from the license authority in their town. They will need to take and pass a test in order to get a license.

How long do driving lessons take until you get you license?

It takes on average 6 months to get your driving license.

How long does it take to convert a full Irish driving license to a UK driving license?

three weeks

How do I obtain a driving license permit?

You have to take a written exam. You will only take the driving exam after having the permit, when you are ready to get the actual driver's license.

Do you have to take classes to recieve contractor license bonds?

Yes. In order to receive contractor license bonds, you must first be licensed which will require certification classes.

If you have a car license can you get a motor bike or scooter?

No. You'll be required to take classes in order to ride those vehicles legally. The rules of driving a car are not the same as a motorcycle or scooter.

What is the driving distance between Calgary and Ohio?

The driving distance between Calgary and Ohio is 3,119 km. Driving completely nonstop, it would take about 32 hours.

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