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i need to know where the speed sensor is in my Mercury Mystique so i can replace it.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-13 20:39:22
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Q: Do you know where i can find the speed sensor in a Mercury Mystique?
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Where is and how do you change a speed sensor on a mercury mystique mfg June 5 1995?

We just changed one on a 1995 Mercury Mystique 4/95. It was located on the transmittion. They tell us there are 2 for this model, other one is supposed to be located in Instrument panel but we couldn't find it.

Where do you recharge your AC on a 98 mercury mystique?

You can recharge your 1998 Mercury Mystique air conditioning system through the low pressure port. You can find the low pressure port on top of the air conditioning compressor.

Where is the starter located on a Ford Contour - Mercury Mystique?

Connected to the bell housing. Fllow the wireing and you will find it.

Where is the speedometer sensor located on a 2000 Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus?

The speedometer is driven by the vehicle speed sensor. See "Related Questions" below for more about where to find it, and how to replace one.

What kind of sensor is to detect the speed of velocity?

If you know the velocity you can find the speed, you don't need a sensor.

Where is the crankshaft locatedon a 1990 mercury marquis?

how can i find where the camshaft sensor on a 1990 mercury marquis

How can you know the bad fuse for mercury mystique 1995?

Take a continuity tester and check them. you'll find the bad one

Where do you find the fuel shut off in a 1998 mercury mystique?

In the drivers footwell , behind the kick panel ( there is an access hole )

What does a 1997 Chrysler sebring speed sensor look like?

Go to and search for speed sensor. You will find a picture of it.

How do you find and change the speed sensor in the transmission of a 95 Chevy truck?

go to jtr ( jags that run ) you will find a complete speed sensor download, , don

How do you find out the type of oil used or what specific indicator lights mean inside the 1995 Mercury Mystique?

check your owner's manual

Hey man I was wondering if you ever found the speed sensor and what was the problem before Replacing transmission speed sensor on 93 rodeo?

Did yOu ever find the speed sensor? What was the problem befor changing it

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