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It is not the same for everyone. I have lost my hair twice from chemo and did not loose my eyebrows either time. My friend looses some of the hair in her eyebrows but not all. I have also seen people who have lost all the eyebrow.

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no they don't lose their hair they only lose it when they do chemo.

They lose there hair when they under go chemo treatments.

its not cancer...its radiation and chemo!

The eyebrows start to lose color as you get older because they often turn white or gray. It is normal for all hair on the body to lose its pigment as people age.

I think it depends on what kinda of cancer you have and how you're being treated for it. Some radiation and chemo therapy can cause you to loose hair but everybodies different. Cancer doesn't make you lose your hair, but the chemo does. The reason for this is that chemotherapy is the delivery of toxins that kill or damage the fastest growing cells in your body. Malignant cells grow and replicate super quickly, so the chemo is targetted at them, but hair folicles grow fast as well. So -- if the chemo is working -- almost everyone loses their hair at some point in the process. The good news is that it grows back (and often it grows back curly!).

actually,it doesn't make you lose any hair. i have a glue in weave right now and i have to tie it up EVERY night,so it won't be nappy the next day. the only thing is if you have the cap on,and it's only to your edges your hair WILL fall out. if you put it over your eyebrows it will protect your edges so your hair WON'T come out. hope i helped!

You lose so much hair when you shampoo is because your old hair gets washed away from your head

You can't prevent losing you hair, in fact you lose over 80 pieces of hair per day. The thing is, hair is just to fragile to not break off. And if the cells in your hair die, it's impossible not to lose the piece of hair. If you're talking of chemo treatments, that is absolutely impossible as well.

Yes it can. If it is on your head it is fairly obvious, but any shock may cause you to lose your hair.

Cancer is not the cause of hair loss, it is actually a cure called Chemotherapy. Generally, when you undergo Chemotherapy treatment, you lose all hair on your body, including eyelash's and eyebrows.

you never did have eyebrows he just said that for a joke.......

If you get a mole on your head removed it will likely leave a scar. This scar will prevent you from regrowing hair in that area.

I think you mean "alopecia". It means when you lose hair from your head or body.

Basically, chemo drugs target the fastest-growing cells. So they kill cancer cells, but also some fast-growing human cells like those in hair follicles and the gastrointestinal tract (that's why chemo patients lose their hair and feel nauseated).

actually chemo makes you lose wait. during chemo you vomit a lot a you lose a lot of weight that's why the doctors try to keep you fed and have enuogh food in you to were vomiting wont kill you. During Chemo you sometimes might feel a bit heavier due to steroids which you get before the chemotherapy itslef

For individuality. People lose most of their body heat through their head so the purpose of hair is mainly to keep most of that heat in.

Hair loss during Chemotherapy treatment is also known as 'Alopecia'. The reason you lose your hair during Chemotherapy treatment is because your hair follicles are fast growing cells, and Chemotherapy damages fast growing cells. Not all Chemotherapy treatment causes hair loss. Some just cause the hair to thin, while others result in dramatic hair loss. Occasionally, some people lose their hair when it is not expected too during treatment, while others do not lose their hair when it is expected too.

A hair is a protein secretion by a tiny gland called a hair follicle. These glands can die, at which point you lose the hair in that location.

well you could go the natural way, eat lots of milk and proteins (atleast beans or nuts or tofu) put this stuff called Aquaphor on your eyelids and eyebrows (a thin layer) before you go to bed every night.

not much about an equivalent to a hay stack

Well actually if you cut or lose a lot of Little pieces of your eyebrows it wouldn't grow back

about 100 strands of hair everyday on average

if you are 40 or older and you have hair lose problems on your 4 head you can shave your under arm hair and stick it on your head!!!! if you are younger than 30 its okay cause im bald too!!!and im a woMAN!!!i mean a woman

Grow the rest of your hair long, and comb it from one side of your head to the other. They'll never know the difference!

Some do, but it is not an "everyone/always" situation. One must realize that there any many, many different drugs and protocols that are considered "chemotherapeutic agents." Chemotherapy is a process and it isn't just one drug. There are people that go completely bald, some have hair thinning, and others don't seem to lose any hair at all. It is a very individual process.

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