Do you need ID to travel from England to Scotland by plane?

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Because of increased security recently, you will need an approved photo ID before you will be allowed to board a plane. You should really contact the airline and ask them what is acceptable.
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Do you need a passport to fly from England to Scotland?

On some airlines a passport (or other photo id) is needed, e.g. easyJet and flybe. They do this to check that the person bearing the ticket is the same one named on it. Airlines like BA and bmi do not need to do this.

What identifaction do you need to fly to Scotland from England?

You do not need a passport as it is regarded as the same country, Great Britain. However, all airlines now require some form of photgraphic ID for even non-international flights. It is best to check with your individual airline what is acceptable.

Do you need a passport to fly from Scotland to England?

Scotland and England are both members of the United Kingdom and their citizens hold British passports. Equally no other nationalities in the UK (Northern Irish and Welsh) need passports to travel between countries.. Scotland and England are both members of the United Kingdom and their citizens hold ( Full Answer )

Do infants traveling to jersey need id?

Infants traveling to New Jersey do not need I.D. The current lawssay that children under 18 traveling with their parents do not needI.D. ANS 2 - The Question DID NOT mention New Jersey !JERSEY is a British Protectorate island off the French coast

Do you need ID to go to England from Ireland?

If you fly, the airline will request some form of ID. Currently the ferry companies don't require ID. There is no legal requirement for passports between the ROI and the UK.

Do you need ID when flying from England to Scotland?

Yes - it is a Civil Aviation Authority requirement that all passengers traveling on domestic flights have photo identification with them in order to fly. Check the airline's website for an exact list, but a passport or drivers license will be sufficient. Note that the ID you have does not HAVE to ( Full Answer )

Do children need id to travel in the us?

As long as it is domestic travel (within the U.S.) children do not need ID as long as they are traveling with an adult who can present ID. If the child is traveling alone and does not have an adult who can present a valid ID at check-in, then the child will need to provide ID. Any Government issued ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to travel to Scotland?

Not if the journey starts in the UK, however if you are flying be aware of the following: British and Irish citizens (but not British "nationals" from Hong Kong or other places overseas) can fly within the British Isles with a photocard driving licence. Other EU citizens can use their national ID ( Full Answer )

ID needed to travel to Dublin by ferry?

That will depend on your nationality and where the ferry is coming from. Ferries come to Ireland from both Britain and France. If you are a British citizen, you don't need a passport, but it would be a good idea to take one with you. From anywhere else you will need one.

If you are a Mexican citizen traveling by plane or bus within Mexico and are not leaving the country do you you need an ID?

There are a couple of answers for you but no matter what you need an ID for all answers I'm about to give. If you travel by bus, or any automotive you need a U.S. Naturalization Citizenship document and if you travel by plane or boat you need a passport POSTER: In response to your question. So, ( Full Answer )

What ID do you need to travel by plane from England to Scotland?

If you a British and not on an international carrier, you will need either a British passport or a valid 'picture' drivers licence. If you are not British, but from another European Union country, an ID card from your country will suffice. If you are neither British nor from and EU country, you ( Full Answer )

What ID do you need to fly from Scotland to England?

Legally you don't need any. However, because of increased security recently, airlines won't allow passengers to board a flight without acceptable photo ID. The most acceptable ID is a current passport or photo-card driving licence.

Do you need id to fly from Scotland to England?

Most airlines insist on an acceptable photo ID before being allowed to board an aircraft, regardless of where you are flying to. A passport is the most acceptable form of ID for this purpose.

How long to travel from England to Scotland?

Unanswerable question: could be Penzance to Wick, or Carlisle to Lockerbie. Choose your starting & destination towns then search National Rail Enquiries's web-site.

Does a teenager need any type of id to fly on plane?

In order for a teenager to fly alone on a plane he/she will need to contact the airlne in advance to set reservations for the teen to fly alone. This is only if the teenager is between the ages of 13-18. Younger and older people will need to got through a special process. Flying alone for younger pe ( Full Answer )

What id do you need to go to belfast from England?

In theory none - because they are both in the United Kingdom. In practice, you will need acceptable photo ID to get on a plane. Check with whichever carrier you are using for a definitive answer - whether that be an airline or a ferry company as they have different criteria.

Do you need a passport to travel by plane from England to Jersey?

Theoretically you don't. However, for the past few years, due tosecurity concerns, airlines won't allow passengers to board planeswithout acceptable I.D. A valid passport is the most acceptableform of I.D. It's best to check with the airline that you intend totravel with as they may accept some othe ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to travel to Scotland and wales?

It depends where you are coming from. If you are travelling fromEngland, then a drivers license should suffice but always checkwith your airline as they have different rules. If you aretravelling from anywhere else it is likely you will need a passportand it's definitely a good idea to check before ( Full Answer )

What ID is needed to travel to Mexico from US?

Your passport would be the best document to bring with you when youtravel to Mexico from the US; either to board a plane (which willbe required, actually) or when driving or walking into Mexico. Itisn't as important to enter Mexico -- because it will not be askedfor by Mexican immigration officers - ( Full Answer )