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Do you need Non ECC or ECC for 168pin pc100?

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What is the difference between ecc and non-ecc ram pc3200?

ECC is error checking, there is an extra chip on the ram that does this and it's only really useful for server machines. Also ECC runs slower. Non-ECC has better performance and is used in most desktop PCs. There is a lot more to it, but this should give you the answer you need. For more info just type ECC vs. Non-ECC into any search.

ECC memory is more reliable than non-ECC memory?

ECC cost more but is more reliable than non-ECC memory. TRUE

If your motherboard supports ecc sdram memory can you substitute non ecc sdram memory?

Non-ECC memory cannot be used on a board that is made for ECC memory. ECC memory is a specialized form of error correction memory.

Can you use ecc ram on a non-ecc motherboard?


Can you use non ecc memory on a motherboard that supports ecc memory?

Yes, you can. If it "Supports ECC" you're OK, on the other hand, if it REQUIRES ECC, you're out of luck, you need ECC but on some BIOS you have the option to change the requirement. On most server class machines though, you MUST use ECC Registered and there is no way around it.

Is Ecc memory is more reliable than non ecc memory?


Your motherboard k8upgrade vm800 from Asrockwhich is not support ecc and buffred dimms it possible to put ecc and buffred dimm to work in non ecc and non bufferd mode?

ECC modules can be used in a non-ECC system (though the cost makes it a poor strategy). Buffered modules cannot be used in a system that does not support buffered modules.

If your motherboard supports ECC DDR3 memory can you substitute non-ECC DDR3 memory?


Although ECC memory cost more than non-ECC momory why would you choose it?

ECC (Error Correcting Code) detects and corrects an error down to a single bit. Although slower than non-ecc RAM and more expensive, it is more reliable.

How can I differentiate non-ecc from ecc memory modules?

ECC stands for Error Checking and Correction. This type of memory module is used to correct memory errors within the computer registry. ECC memory modules generally have 9 chips compared to 8 chips in a non-ECC memory module. This is the easiest way to differentiate the two.

What is non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory?

There are two types of memories when it comes to supporting ECC (error correction code/circuitry). These are ECC memory (memories which support ECC) and non-ECC (which do not support ECC). ECC helps detect and correct certain types of errors in memory transactions if they occur. ECC memories are a bit slow in performance as there is some time lost in detecting and correcting errors if they occur. Non-ECC memories are more common, faster and cheaper. ECC memories are recommended for servers and other mission critical applications. Most of system designs and circuits are robust and there are rarely any errors on a PC memory bus, so non-ECC memories are good enough for general computing applications. Most computer motherboards support both type of memories but still if one should check motherboard and BIOS specifications before investing in ECC memory type. - Neeraj Sharma

Although ECC memory costs more than non-ECC memory why would you chose to use it?

It is more reliable.

Ecc memory is more reliable than non- ecc memeory?

it's more reliable and is generally used on servers.

How much memory can a DIMM hold?

8 MB to 2 GB of RAM depending on factors such as non-ECC and ECC technology.

Although ECC memory cost more then non-ECC memory why would you chose to use it?

It is more reliable and is generally used on servers.

Although ECC memory costs more than non-ECC memory why would choose to use it?

ECC memory would typically never be required for an end-user. It is used more for servers and precise calculations.

If you motherboard supports ecc sdram memory can you substitute sdram memory that does not support ecc?

Depending on the specs of the motherboard, a motherboard that supports ECC SDRAM may support a non-ECC SDRAM module. If a motherboard can support both types, you would have the option to enable or disable the ECC feature in BIOS. Other than the fact that an ECC module has an odd number of chips, there is no other physical difference on the module. They are keyed the same.

Can you use non ecc ram on hp xw8400?

NO, Only FB-DIMM can be used \

Lowest price for 232 pin non-ECC rambus rimm?


Why were tariffs placed on goods imported from non ecc countries?

i dont even know

Why would you choose to use ECC memory over non-ECC memory if it costs more?

If you need to use a server with memory error protection for such critique services like financing, computer simulations and so on. You have to use ECC (error correcting code) memory which supports memory error protection. More information you can find here

Although ECC memory cost more than non-ecc memory why would you chose to use it?

You should use ECC memory because is uses an extra bit pre byte which is used for error checking and correctionn even though it is more cosly. Also, it is more reliable

Will PC 2100 ram fit in d600 laptop?

Yes, but take care to use non-ecc modules.

What does the 72 stand for in the 64 meg x72?

The 72 tells you the memory's data-path width. In the case of a width of 72, you're looking a ECC memory. If the width where instead x64, then you'd have standard non-ECC DIMMs.

Can you put ddr2 800 in ddr2 667 slot?

Generally speaking, yes. The memory will simply be accessed at the slower speed. However, do not mix memory modules of different speeds. Also do not mix non-ECC and ECC memory modules.