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Q: Do you need a college degree to work at an animal shelter?
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Do you need to go to college to open an animal shelter?

You do not have to go to college to open your own animal shelter but you do need a lot of money. Its not necessary to go to college but to be successful you may want to take business courses

What are the qualifications of Animal trainer?

You need to have experience with animals, love working with animals, a college degree, and being patient.

Where to get a puppy in New Jersey?

Check your local animal shelter. They will have puppies that need a home.

What college degree do you need to becme a singer?

A college degree is not required for this field.

Does someone need a college degree to work at SeaWorld?

One does not need a college degree to work at SeaWorld. Companies often hire people with no degree when they need people to work. Companies wont also hire people with no degree when they have applicants that want the job have college degree. With a college degree one is certain to get hired.

What degree in college does a person need to become a microbiologist?

you need a doctoral degree

What college degree do I need to get a animal health job?

A veterinarian degree specializes in animal health. Only 28 schools in the United States offer the degree programs necessary to pass certification. Check out the American Vererinary Medical Association for more information.

Do Animal Trainers need to have a College Education?

Most employers prefer their staff to have a college or university degree, even for the position of animal trainer. In Australia, for example, many places such as SeaWorld or various animal zoos and sanctuaries prefer their trainers to have a degree or to have at least completed some coursework in any of the the fields of Animal Husbandry, Animal Science, Zoology, Biology, Marine biology or Animal behavior or psychology.

Do you need a license to run an animal shelter in Ohio?


Does a marine need a college degree?


Do you need a degree in inventing to be a inventor?

Yes, you do need to go to college to be a inventor and get a degree.

Why would a community need an animal shelter?

because animals are always in need of great care and shelter. stray animals are most likely sick, dying, and or hungry and an animal shelter is very helpful in a community to satisfy those needs.