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No. and you do not need the internet, but the PS3 is better with both

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2011-09-07 20:28:27
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Q: Do you need a hdtvs when you have a PS3?
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Would FIFA street work on a old PS3?

Yes PS3 may need current updates to play some games, but they all can play any title when they are equipped the same. ( HDTVs, Headphones, Move Bundles, 3D HDTVs, ETC)

Do you keep a hd tv to use the Blu-ray on your playstation 3?

The PS3 was designed for HDTVs and only works on a standard 480i TV. It does not give you the performance of the PS3 on a HDTV with 1080p and now the top 3D HDTVs offer the best video capability. That's why the is now an optional 3D display screen for the PS3 at $500

Do you need a HDMI cable to play bluray on ps3?

You need a 1080P HDTV and the cable to Play blue-ray in 1080P with your PS3. The cable that comes with the PS3 is only a 480I Audio Video cable and need a cable that will allow 1080P if you have that kind of HDTV. Other cables were not included with your PS3 because they could not know what TV the PS3 would be connected to and they provided one that would allow the PS3 to function until you purchased the correct cable for 720P and 1080P HDTVs

Do you have to have a HDMI cable to play on the PS3 and if not what does it do?

No, you don't need a HDMI cable for your PS3. this feature is optional. What it does is it increases the resolution of your PS3 meaning you get better graphics. The HDMI cable allows the the HDTV and the PS3 to sync and also provides a single plug hookup with the PS3. The higher resolution can also be achieved with the purchase of a Component AV cable for the PS3 from stores like for HDTVs that do not have a HDMI connection. Only the supplied PS3 cable with only 3 RCA type plugs would have decreased resolution on a HDTV, but for non HDTVs it's the only connection with the PS3 that's I know of that's possible. see accessories for the PS3 in the related link

Do you need a HDMI cable to plug in your PS3?

One end of the PS3 cable is an HDMI or it can not be connected to the PS3. The other end can be A/V like the one than came with the PS3, it can be a PS3 component or S video cable and connect to HDTVs without HDMI plugs, or it can be HDMI and the PS3 does not require a HDMI cable that says it is for the PS3. Only the first one is used to connect standard 480 TVs to the PlayStation 3, but is can also be used to connect HDTVs to the PS3 and receive 480 or standard TV reception. People who connect the PS3 to an HDTV with the A/V cable should consider purchasing a HD cable before they buy the next game.

What is the cable called that goes from the ps3 to tv?

The one that comes with the PS3 is called the A/V cable an optional cable for this purpose is the HDMI cable and is used for for 1080p HDTVs

How do you hook up a PS3 to this tv?

First you need to verify that the TV has the ability to have PS3 connected by examining the back of the TV for RCA plug inputs. The PS3 comes with a A/V cable with 3 RCA color coded plugs on the back and you plug those in to the back of your TV. HDTV connection with the A/V cable will only provide a standard 480i video and a HDMI cable is normally purchased and used for the HDTVs instead of the A/V cable that comes with the PS3. Other optional PS3 component cables are also available for HDTVs without HDMI connection. Once the PS3 is connected and turned on the TV must to set to the input you have plugged the PS3 A/V cable into and you should receive the PS3 screen

What if you have a tv with ps3 do you need a HDMI?

If your TV is an HDTV with HDMI connection it is foolish not to spend the money to purchase and use the cable. The cheapest games are more than the cost of the cable and you would get much more from the system. It is what the PS3 was designed and the games it plays was designed for. The prices for HDTVs are low and you will be able to tell the difference if you upgrade your TV, but when you already have an HDTV you really need to add the HDMI cable. Of course a HDMI plug is for HDTVS and not Standard 480i TVs and the standard A/V cable that comes with a PS3 will work with the HDTV, just not with the same results.

Can you play a 3d game without the 3d effect on a ps3?

3D games only play with 3D effects on 3D HDTVs

Is the ps4 3d?

Even the PS3 was 3D after it has the latest updates and is also connected to a 3D HDTV. Most HDTVs top models are released with 3D capability and so is the PS4 if it is connected to one of the 3D HDTVs otherwise it is limited by what you have connected it to.

Do you need the HDMI cable for the PS3?

no you do not have to have an hdmi for ps3 but i would recommend it to play your games in hd because hdmi stands for hi-definition multimedia interface. The HDMI cable is for the PS3 to connect to HDTVs and is not needed for standard TVs which do not even have HDMI inputs. If your TV has HDMI inputs you need to purchase a HDMI cable before you spend your money on a new game, Movie, download or anything else because it is not giving you a picture from the PS3 in HD

What is the efficiency of LED HDTVs?

The efficiency of LED HDTVs are that the light source will never go out or fade like LCD televisions. They do not need replacing and the TV will be as bright as ever.

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