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Do you need a license in pa for a gas or electric scooter?


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no it has to be under 50 cc

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For just a regular, non-electric, non-gas-powered scooter, you do not need a license.

no u do not need a license for a electric gas or petrol scooter actually I'm 100% sure that if your petrol or gas scooter is under 50cc is aloud to be ridden with no license needed in Australia china japan Mongolia and others......

You do not need to carry motorcycle or motor vehicle insurance.. HOWEVER, you need PERSONAL LIABILITY insurance AND you NEED a Valid Drivers License! Moreover... ANY vehicle with anything OTHER than ONLY Electric and/or Pedals and you NEED a drivers license. Electric Bicycle - No DL needed. Electric Scooter - No DL needed. Gas Scooter with NO SEAT and can not go over 20mph - No DL needed. Basically ANY vehicle that is gas powered AND has a seat, you need a license.

You do need a license to ride a 49cc gas scooter in South Dakota. You do not need a motorcycle license, however.

If it is under 50cc you do not need a license in California.

There is a big difference in the performance between a gas scooter and an electric scooter. A gas scooter has a lot more power and can reach higher speeds than an electric scooter. That being said, the cost to drive an electric scooter is cheaper than gas.

a gas scooter it will go faster than an electric.

You do need to license and register a 44cc gas motor scooter in New Mexico. To ride it, you need a valid driver's license of any class or permit.

to wire the license plate lights you must have lights and wire them to the scooter.

Yes but after buying all the parts and fabbing all the pieces it would be easier to just get a gas scooter.Unless you really need to do it then good luck.

yes you need a lisense to ride any scooter go to the buro and get lincense its easy to get have fun

yes once 16 u need a license to operate a scooter/moped but that's all you need> no insurance/Registration required =]

Exchanging an electric scooter into a gas-powered scooter generally involves replacing the whole of the engine to a gas-powered engine. The only exception is a gas-powered fuel cell, which maintains the scooter's electric usage, but uses a fuel cell to generate the electricity.

can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences

you dont need a license to drive gas goped because it is under 50cc. any scooter under 50cc does not require a license. in case you live in california, gopeds are illegal there because of strict pollution and emission laws

Where do you live ? Nazi controlled Germany ? You should move to CAIFORNIA !

scooters have to be registered and insured in nj if it is under 50cc you do not need a motorcycle license

You need a license for anything that's gas powered and electric powered vehicles that go over 20mph.

Gas powered scooters require you to have a helmet on at all times present on the scooter and a license is not always needed.

In all states i think anything under 50cc you can ride without a license

I know u can drive an electric bike or moped up to 700 watts, don't know about gas(like a puch or tomos)

AnswerYes you can. You don't even have to be an adult to ride a scooter. (Any kind of scooter, from push to gas.) In Australia you need a current motor cycle license to ride a motor scooter on a public roadI was answering as if the person who asked the question lived in the United States. Sorry if you live somewhere else, I don't know the laws on that.It depends upon the state. In Colorado you need a drivers license to legally drive a scooter. If you drive and it's revoked, expect some silver bracelets and free transportation to the pokey.

You need to have a Pa class C license as long at the bike is under 50 cc. over 50 cc you must have a class m endorcement

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