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You need a special puller which can be rented at some parts stores.

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Q: Do you need any special tools to take off the AC clutch and bearing on a 95 Dodge Caravan?
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What is the torque spec for the rod bearing in a 99 dodge caravan 3.3?

torque for the rod bearing 2000 dodge

How do you oil rear wheel bearing of Dodge caravan 2002?

You can't, it is a sealed wheel bearing.

How do you replace the air conditioning clutch assembly on a 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 V6?

There is a special tool that will pull the clutch assembly off of the compressor, available at your local parts store!

Where is the fan clutch on a 1999 Dodge Sport Caravan?

It doesn't use a fan clutch. It has electric cooling fans.

Can you replace clutch bearing in the air conditioner of a 82 dodge ramcharger?

yes you can

Where is the ABS sensor on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There could be on at each wheel bearing.

What is the loud grinding noise coming from the engine of your 1997 Dodge Caravan?

Bearing going bad?

Change front wheel bearing on 2002 dodge grand caravan?

go to you tube for a video on how to ...its there

Why would a 1998 dodge caravan screech when the ac or heater is on?

Bad bearing in blower motor?

Is the clutch on a 1996 dodge neon hydraulic?

No. The clutch is cable-actuated from the pedal assembly to the throw-out/release bearing fork asembly. There is no hydraulic assist in the clutch system.

What is wrong if the AC on a '98 Dodge Caravan won't operate unless you tap the AC clutch relay?

That sounds like a sticking clutch relay.

What is code P0740 for 2000 Dodge caravan?

Trouble code P0740 means:Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction

Your clutch assembly on air compressor 1997 dodge Dakota is making howling noise?

bearing is shot

How do you remove the piolot bearing from a 95 dodge Dakota?

yes you can replace the bearing...but by the time you drop the transmission to get to the bearing, you are better off replacing the clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing!! so you can avoid taking everything else out later.......because if the bearing is going bad then the clutch and pressure plate probably not far behind!!

When was Dodge Caravan created?

Dodge Caravan was created in 1984.

What is the general cost to replace a bad wheel bearing on a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

approx. $50 on each for DIY

What does a 1982 Dodge Caravan weigh?

The Dodge Caravan didn't exist until 1984.The Dodge Caravan didn't exist until 1984.

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Is a 94 Dodge Caravan tranny the same as the 96 Dodge Caravan?


Will the doors from a 96 Dodge Caravan work on a 95 Dodge Caravan?


Where is the ac clutch switch on 2001 dodge caravan?

It is fastened to the a/c pump on the lower left side. A drive belt is attached to it.

Where can you find schematics for a 1991 dodge caravan?

the air conditioner on out 1991 dodge caravan quit working. we changed the fan and it worked fine then stopped, the compressor clutch isn't trying to kick in. we need to find where the fuse links are to see if that is the problem

Is there a dipstick for transmission fluid on a 2011 dodge grand caravan express?

It is a dealership special tool.

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