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Anybody, regardless of age, operating a motor vehicle in the State of Florida needs a policy of liability insurance.

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The VEHICLE that you are driving must be properly insured.

You can drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit. You need to be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21, and you have to have valid insurance.

Yes, subject to the restrictions both of the state which issued the permit, and the state of Florida, pertaining to learner's permits.

You can only drive in the state where the learners permit was issued.

Learners' permits are usually only valid within the state that issues them.

You have to be 16 to get a Drivers License in the state of Florida. You can get your Learners Permit at age 15. But, if you turn 18 and are without a Learners Permit (or license), you can skip the permit and get the license after the basic driving tests.

Yes, provided you follow the restrictions both of the State of Florida and the State of Illinois.

No. Florida will allow US permit holders from other states to drive in their state, but not foreign nationals on a foreign learner's permit.

This varies by state law. Ask your insurance company.

Yes, provided that you are in compliance with all the requirements and restrictions of that class of permit.

no. because as long as the parents has insurance they are fine. And this is only if the parent adds them on their insurance.

No, you can only drive in New York with a valid licence.

Yes, subject to the restrictions both of the State of Texas and the State of Florida which they place on learner's permits.

In the state of Florida, drivers with only a learner's permit must be on their parent's insurance so that in the event that an accident does occur then they are covered.

UNLESS the 'learners' permit is stamped "Valid in GA only" - if you are in full compliance with applicable GA law regarding operating on a 'learners' permit (i.e.- age - licensed driver accompanying you - etc) you should have no problem in FL.

No you don't i just talked to my drivers' ed teacher and he said that you don't need to have insurance for just a learners permit. You only needed when you get your full licences

If you relocate to a different state you will have to get a new learners permit. However, if you relocate within the same state you do not need a new learners permit.

No. Drivers Licenses in the US do transfer from state to state but permit rules, time frame, and conditions vary in each state. To get a license in the state you move to, you have to get a new permit and finish all requirements in that state to get your license. I ran into this problem when I moved to CA one month before I reached the 1 year mark in Florida. When I got here I had to start all over from scratch with a new permit. ---- Visit to know more about Florida Learners Permit. Visit to know more about Georgia Learners Permit.

It is not legal to drive in South Carolina with New York learners permit. You have to say in New York with that. Learners have to stay in New York cause its a New York state learners permit.

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