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Do you need gearbox oil in a petrol vauxhall corsa?


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yes for sure a 1.0 corsa takes about 1.6 ltr of gear box oil from emty


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hi i need to now how to change the fuel pump on my vauxhall corsa 1.4 thanks steve

The spark plug gap for a 1.4L Vauxhall Corsa should be set at 0.8mm. Spark plugs are preset and do not need adjustments when purchased from an auto parts store.

You'll need to custom build a chassis and then adapt a Corsa body to fit on top - the drivechain, gearbox and so on will all need to be replaced too. It could be done, but it'd be a major project far in advance of anything most amateur and even mechanical mechanics could manage.

what oil do i need for my astra 1.6 petrol. 58 plate

Lacking accurate engine-type information, on petrol models every 4 years or 40k miles. On diesel models 6 years or 6k miles.

The only bolts you can't see are the one in between the sump and gearbox. You'll need an extension and socket to fit in the gap. The bolts will be the same as the rest. Either a 10mm hex head or a spline of some sort.

check the thermostat dude may need replacing

To manually tune the radio in an Opel Corsa you need to turn off RDS. When RDS is on the car will cycle through the radio stations that are available.

You will need to use the manual to learn how to do this. It can give you all of the step that are needed.

2005 Corsa doesn`t have a belt-it has a timing chain and as such doesn`t need to be changed

In my corsa you need to pull the middle switch out. The one that adjust the power of the ventilator... It actually has a little sign of back window demister on it.

I doubt that you would manage to fit a V6 engine in a Corsa without cutting more than the rear bumper.

hi i have the same problem i have a vauxhall corsa 2004 and i have a little gap down the side of the window screen which is where i think the water is getting in, i think you will need to have the screen taken out and re-sealed hope this help

Phone a Vauxhall dealer, quote the vehicles registration or chassis number, and ask.

It is the same as turning any other warning light you need a diagnostics computer

There is a horse clip shaped pin behind it. You need to get somthing to pop it out with. I.E a flat head screwdriver

You need Allen Keys plus Vauxhall DIN removal keys Try Ebay?

On newer corsas the power steering is all Electronic so it doesn't need power steering fluid.

By far the easiest way to answer this is to advise that you get the haynes manual for your model Astra. The subframe will need to be dropped to remove the gearbox.

To change a Vauxhall Corsa timing change you need to first remove the rocker cover, the alternator tensioner, heat shield, water pump, engine mount, and crankshaft pulley. Now that you have found the timing change, unscrew the timing chain guides, remove old chain, and replace with new chain.

Yes, but you will need the complete wiring harness and E.C.U (from the doner car)for an easier swap.

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