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I am a licensed agent in Minnesota, the first and foremost answer would be "YES". Not because of the fear of hitting another person but because someone riding in the vehicle could be injured. Technically you wouldn't be required to insure the vehicle because it wasn't operated off the property. That being said it would be foolish if not disasterous not to have coverage because medical, liability and uninsured/underinsured coverage would be unavailable should injury or accident occur. I would strongly suggest a "liability only policy". (If you have ever run into court costs and understand that no one ever plans for an accident to occur, you would understand the ramifications of going "Naked". The average attorney charges us $200 per hour to defend you. Just think about having to pay that to defend yourself should disaster strike. Average court case settles in 36 months. Ouch!)

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Q: Do you need insurance on your car if you only drive it on private land in northern Minnesota?
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Can a convicted felon on probation drive without insurance in Minnesota?

No. It is not legal for anyone to drive without insurance in Minnesota.

How much car insurance do you need to drive in MN?

Minnesota is a state that requires a minimum of liability insurance. The minimum amount of coverage allowed to drive in Minnesota is 30/60/10.

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Is a driver's license required to drive on private road?

No, but any insurance claim caused may be denied.

Who drive a private car?

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Do you need no fault insurance to drive in MN?

Yes, Minnesota requires minimum limits of liability insurance, PIP No-Fault, Uninsured Motorists, and Underinsured Motorists Coverages. Other coverages and higher limits are available as well if desired.

How do you insure my 95 year old dad's car who does not drive so I can drive?

Call the insurance company and have them add your name. I drove my mother around and used her car for errands for her and never worried about the insurance. I have my own coverage for my car and she had hers, so if anything had happened I was covered. Often your own private car insurance goes with you when you drive another car.

What vehicles can i drive with a Minnesota suspended Minnesota drivers license?


It is not important for people to drive with auto insurance.?

It is not important for people to drive with auto insurance.

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How do you drive to trade in your car at a dealership without insurance?

If you live in the US, it is illegal to drive without automobile insurance. It is advised NOT to drive without insurance. make them tow it or they can put their dealer plate on and let them drive it

Is it illegal to drive a vehicle without car insurance?

All states in the US require the existence of some type of insurance in order to drive on the public roadways. Likewise, an operator's license, or a learner's permit is required. One primary exception to the need for insurance is the operation of a vehicle on private property. The absence of insurance, when required, can be a criminal or non-criminal violation of the law depending upon the jurisdiction.

Can someone who drives with no insurance drive with someone who has insurance?


Is all pasangers in a private car insuared?

I think so. If the car has its insurance, then I can say that all of the passengers riding in that car are insured. Now, If that car has no insurance, that's a big trouble. If purchased a car, make sure that it is covered by the insurance company. Drive safely.

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I live with my brother can I drive his vehicals under his insurance?

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Can I drive without vehicle insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance or without having sufficient insurance in Arizona. You will have 30 days to provide proof of insurance following an accident.

Do you have to have insurance to drive?


In Minnesota would a 110 cc super pocket bike be legal to drive without a license and or insurance?

No, you need to be over 16 and have a regular license then get your pocket bike registered for plates.