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I could be wrong but I think that Mass. is the only state that doesn't issue ID cards on it's insurance policies to that probably means, yes, you need your ID card in FL. Yes, most definitely. If you're stopped by a law enforcement agent he/she will ask you for proof of insurance, especially if you're being stopped in regards to an accident that has occured.

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Q: Do you need to have proof of insurance with you while driving in Florida?
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Every lecensed driver must have three items with them while driving they are?

Licence, registration, proof of insurance

What are Nebraska's car insurance requirements?

Yes, there is a state law that requires you to carry proof of insurance while you are driving there. This is a common law in all states.

If your daughter lives with you but while at her mom's for the weekend she was in an accident with their neighbor do you have to file on your insurance in Florida?

If she was driving your car, notify your agent. If it was her mom's car, then her insurance is responsible, and, of course, if your daughter was driving her own vehicle, she would have her own insurance.

Do you need insurance to drive with only your permit?

YES! You are driving. You have to have insurance. absolutely. it does not matter what stage of driving you are at, you must have insurance. you can get pulled over and be ticketed on your permit. you can also get into an accident while driving on a permit. all of the above are logically reasons that you must have insurance to drive on a permit. in fact, i am surprised that you were not asked to show proof of insurance to obtain a permit. so in short, yes you do need insurance to drive on a permit.

If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car do you have to show proof of insurance when you pay the ticket?

no, but if you want to pay less for the ticket then yes

Do you need auto insurance while driving a car you just repossessed are there any penal codes that state that you don't or do?

State laws vary, but generally any driver is required by state statute to have auto insurance and to carry proof of such insurance.

What do you pay for car insurance?

While I do not live in Maine (I live in Florida) I pay $63 a month for car insurance on a Chrysler. Florida has pretty low insurance rates.

Can you wear headphones while driving a vehicle in Florida?


Does someone driving their motorcycle which is registered in Florida have to have insurance while driving in Wisconsin?

IF:The motorcycle is properly registered and insured in Florida ANDThe insurance does not limit where the machine may be used (some Policies can do this to lower rates) YESThe insurance is valid.

Does Florida have a law banning cell phones while driving?


Does your insurance cover you to drive a car that has no insurance?

Your personal auto insurance will be secondary to the insurance of the vehicle that you are driving (assuming you do not own it and it is not a business vehicle). If you get involved in a car accident while you are operating a vehicle that is -not- yours, then the insurance of that vehicle has to pay first, and if that insurance is not enough (or is not there) then your insurance will kick in. Notice that if you get pulled over by police they will ask you to show proof of insurance on the vehicle (not your insurance.) The law requires all vehicles to be insured, not individuals.

Do you have to have car insurance if you don't own a car?

no Actually, it depends on what you mean. In the U.S. you do not have to have car insurance if you don't drive a car, so if you don't own a car, by default you don't have to keep insurance, however, many states in the U.S. require you to have insurance if you are driving, so if you borrow someone's car, you may be required to have insurance while driving it. In the states that require insurance, you can get a ticket if you don't have it, so if you borrow a car, be sure the owner has it insured and ask him for a copy of the policy of proof of insurance card.

What is considered drunk driving in Florida?

drunk driving in Florida is cosidered as someone drinking under age or drinking achohol while driving (wich could cause severe crashes)

If you have an accident while driving another person's car will your insurance or the owner's pay the claim?

Auto Insurance follows the car not the driver. My son's girlfriend was driving his car when they where in an accident and his insurance was responsible.

What do you need to carry while driving in Europe?

A driving license and insurance would be the most important things to have.

What are my responsibilities for any damage or injuries I cause while driving?


Can an employer require employees to provide proof of car insurance when not driving a company car?

If you are using the car for company business - i.e. traveling in it while AT work (not going to and from work in the morning/night), then not only can they ask you for proof of insurance, the MUST ask you for this.If you are driving the car when working for them and you then have an accident, they could be sued if you are not insured and further, the police could hold them criminallyliable.

In the state of Indiana can a police office give a ticket for not having your insurance cards in the vehicle?

Any police officer can give you a ticket for failing to produce proof of valid, current automobile insurance if pulled over while driving/riding said automobile.

Do you need any other insurance on your car while you have sr22?

An SR22 form is only proof that you have Auto Insurance. So, NO if you have an SR22 then that means you already have insurance.

After calling to be added to your parents car insurance can you drive right away or do you have to wait for documents to be sent to you?

Yes, You have to wait for proof that you have insurance, that means documentaion. Remember the law requires not only that you have insurance. But that you have "Proof" of insurance at all times while operating a motor vehicle.

If you get a speeding ticket while driving a rental car will your insurance go up?

Insurance rates are based primarily on your personal driving habits and record, so if you receive a ticket while driving a rental car it can still be reported to your insurance company because the citing officer has your drivers license information. So in short, it is definitely possible for your insurance company to raise your rate based on a speeding ticket you received while driving a rented vehicle.

Is my insurance and driving record affected if i have an at fault accident while driving a friend's car?

yes. it goes on your record and insurance companys look at you record from time to time

What will happen-had small accident while driving Insured friends car but didn't have proof of insurance at time of accident So cop gave citation to appear in court?

In most states in the United States, you do not need to carry proof of insurance with you, but you must be able to produce it in court. No penalty exists for not having proof of insurance with you. Most cars come with a folder in the glove compartment with two pockets. One pocket is for the registration and the other is for the insurance card. Inform your friend. What will happen in court will probably depend on the other information on the citation.

Whose insurance pays if a friend damages your car while driving it?


Is original copy of Registration Certificate necessary while driving?

Yes. All vehicles on public roads must have valid proof of registration, license and insurance when they are being driven on any public right of way.

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