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No you do not need to inform your insurance company of a speeding ticket you have obtained. You do need to be sure you pay your ticket to avoid having your registration canceled.

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2014-06-20 20:39:14
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Q: Do you need to inform the insurance company about your speeding ticket in Canada?
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Do we need to inform other Insurance company about an existing insurance policy?

yes you need to inform them

Can you be the main driver on Insurance on someone else's car?

Yes, as long as you inform the insurance company.

Are you obligated to inform your insurance company if you move in-state and will your rates change?

Yes and maybe.

What happens if insurance replaces stolen items then the police recover and return the stolen items to you?

I recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods

Can an insurance company inform the beneficiary of how long a policy has been in force and if it covers a suicide?

Do you have the policy owner's permission?

Is it legal to derestrict?

It's not illegal to deristrict a bike as long as you inform your insurane company that your bike is modified or else your insurance will be void. Then you'll be with out insurance which is illegal...

Can someone be added to a car insurance policy that is not a family member?

Yes, If someone will be driving the car, it is recommended to add inform your insurance company and have them added to the policy.

What happens if the other driver fails to inform his insurance after an accident?

I can only speak for Florida because that is where I live and it is a no fault State. In Florida it really would make no difference to you if the other driver did not inform his insurance company of an accident. Really, you would only have to file a claim with your own company and contact his insurance company after the accident. I would just make sure you have the other drivers info so that you can contact them about the accident.

How do you figure the amount of premiums paid into life insurance policy?

The premium is calculated on the basis of many factors. The insurance company will calculate the premium and inform you before you buy the policy.

What does the company Car Crash Line do?

A Car Crash Line provides a emergency service to contact your insurance company to inform them about the car crash that happened and they will explain in detail.

What do you do if you find an item that was claimed as lost on insurance?

immidiately i"ll inform the local police station and then to the insurence company through my agent.

Can employer cancel health insurance upon termination?

Technically employer should inform the insurance company when they terminate any regular employee. Then insurance company will give 31 days window after termination date. That way, the emplyee could able to change their insurance either to new company benefits program or convert to individual health insurance. The employer can't terminate your group health insurance.

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