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Do you need to refrigerate a BAKED potato?


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May 30, 2007 1:46PM

It is recommended that food be refrigerated to reduce bacteria growth. A potato that has been baked has probably been pierced and punctured, the skin rubbed and broken and is more susceptible to contamination. The break down of cell walls due to the cooking process also helps create a good food source for bacteria. They will last longer if you refrigerate and be less likely to cause food poisoning. You so not need to refrigerate a baked potato. It should be kept warm unless already cooked. If it has already been cooked, then refrigerate it. Yes you do. Refrigetate any unused food. A refrigerator is kept at a temperature of 33-45 degrees F. This keeps any bacteria that the food has been exposed to, via the air or contact from multiplying and ensures that the food is healthy to eat later. Discard after a few days though, even though its cold, its not bacteria resistant.