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Do you need to register your late husbands guns you don't know if they are registered or not?



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That, of course, may depend on where you live. I live in California a very unfriendly state as far as gun ownership is concerned and firearm registeration is not required by state law. Some cities in this state have unsuccessfully tried to enact laws requiring at least the registration of handguns. New York City and Washinfton D. C. have had for some time very restrictive laws on firearm ownership. Generally speaking unless you live in one of the two above mentioned cities I do not think registeration will be required. I also think if your husband did not feel is was necessary then you should not either. This is especially true if the firearms in question are not handguns. Note, though, that I do not in any way consider myself an expert on firearm law. Unless you live in a state that requires registration, there is no option for it. In most states, registration doesn't exist, so it's not something you can go do if you choose. Either your state requires it, or it doesn't exist at all.