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no, you can buy a new shower head and install it. but if you want to change the controls you will probly have to buy a new unit. Unless you can cross reference the parts to see if they will fit. and you might be able to change the handle or know without changing the controls

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How to replace shower fixture?

This depends on what shower fixture you mean, shower head? mixer? tap? shower floor drain?

Who is the best shower fixture manufacturer?


You want to remove your vinyl shower stall replace with tile remove tile around the tub replace with new tile and retile the floor replace light fixture and paint what should the labor be?

twice the material

How do you fix a leaking Delex tub and shower Fixture?

get a plumber :L

Can you install a light fixture in a shower stall?

Yes.Have insralled many in yachts.

What is a vapor tight incandesent recessed light fixture?

A recessed light fixture with a rubber gasket approved for use in a damp location, e.g. shower light.

Can the Frameless Shower Door by INFINITY be used to replace a curtain?

Depending on how your actual shower is made it is indeed possible to replace a shower curtain with it.

What is a plumbing fixture?

Anything connected to water pipes. Sink, faucet, toilet, shower and controls.

Is a p trap necessary in shower drain?

No if it empties as an indirect waste in a properly vented and trapped fixture

Shower Hose is Leaking?

Yes, you can indeed just replace the shower hose. There is no need to replace the entire thing if it does not need to be.

How can you fix no hot water in the shower?

You repair or replace the shower control unit.

How to replace shower floor?

Get a professional to do it.

Do you need to replace the existing shower valve if you want to change the exterior fixtures?

Not always, there is a standard shower valve that most handles will work for. it depends on what your set up is. As far as the shower head is concerned you should be able to put anything on.As I'm standing at Home Depot looking at all the different shower valves on the display I wonder which one is the "standard" that all handles and trim fit on. The fact is unless you are replacing with it the same valve or in some cases the same brand all the trim plates and handles have to be changed.*It TOTALLY depends on the brand and make of your faucet. You would have to determine what brand the faucet is(ex. Moen, Delta), The next move is to determine which model it is(ex. Moen Heritage, Delta Leland). Then you get their own catalogue # and determine what cover plate, handle and screws will fit onto your existing faucet, order them, and replace them. ALL FAUCETS AND THEIR PARTS ARE MADE DIFFERENTLY!!!*Cheers, QuiteSomethingAns 4 - YES, you DO need to replace this valve unless your new fixture is identical

Will homeowners insurance cover leaky shower pans?

General answer would be no. My policy specifically excludes water damage from seepage from or around a plumbing fixture such as tub or shower stall.

Are there stick on lights appropriate for use in a shower stall?

there are exterior stick on lights that will do fine in that moisture

What to do when no water comes out from shower head or tub fixture?

Take apart the first one that water enters and look for blockage.

When do you replace a old shower head?

shower heads can get rust particles in them or get limed up, thus there is restricted water pressure and water volulme. replace it then.

Which makes better shower fixtures Grohe or Kohler?

Grohe is a high end fixture. You will pay more for the same functionality. Your call!

What is a shower head made of?

Most shower heads are made out of a combination of brass and plastic or rubber. They are usually chrome plated but may also have any number of exterior finishes.

How do you get hot water as opposed to only lukewarm in a shower when there is no problem with the water heater?

Replace the shower valve.

How often should you replace the shower valve?

Though not a plumber, I can say that shower valves are usually made of brass(a very good material). Therefore they are also expensive to replace (50 dollars for the valve, 150 dollars per shower valve if done by a competent plumber). Therefore, when you notice a leak coming from your shower, try to replace the seat washer (usually the hot water side needs to be replaced first). If you still have a leak, it's time to replace the shower valve.

How do you replace a shower valve?

changing a shower valve can be sometimes impossible with out cutting a hole in the wall behind it. If you have a shower valve that is leaking through the valve and out of the shower head when shut off then I recommend trying to find new cartridges or replacement seals for the valve. If you need to replace the shower valve then I would cut a hole in the sheet rock behind the shower valve big enough so you have enough room to replace it. Sometimes if you can't get behind the shower wall and your water pipe isn't galvanized then it might be possible to change the valve through inside the shower but it can be a real struggle and most of the time you will need a wider trim plate. If you don't have much experience in soldering or using pex pipe and fittings then I would save you a headache and call a service plumber.

How do i Update moen shower valve?

Cut out the drywall in the wall behind the shower. Replace the valve. Patch the drywall.

How do you replace the washers on a Delta Shower?

You replace the spring and caps washers as you would in a Delta faucet

How do you repair a noisy shower?

You replace it. If it's a squeal, you replace the shower head fist. If that doesn't make the noise go away, you replace the shower control valve. Odds are since you came online to ask how to fix it, you're not qualified to replace the control valve. Call a plumber now or call a plumber and a drywall contractor to fix it after you make your "repairs"