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i am a small business owner have my own LLC and dont have any employees - i do small landscaping jobs - - a client is now telling me that he will not pay my invoice until i provide him my workmans comp insurance number - can he do that - why does my having or not having insurance have to do with my invoice

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Workmen's Comp should be used when you have other employees working for you. The reason for this is to protect you. If one of your employees fell during working hours or cut themselves badly on a saw and you didn't have Workmen's Comp then they could sue you and it could end up costing you your business. Even when you hire a company to come in and put a new roof on your house you should ALWAYS ask if they have Workmen's Comp. Hope this helps. Marcy

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Q: Do you need workmens comp in New Jersey if you are a self-employed sub-contractor?
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How do i detrmine what my workmens comp case pay out should be?

my lawyer said to me the workmens comp ins comp. said to give them a number for my pay out. how do i do this? i live in cali

Is workers comp nc only for medical or does it cover vehicle damages?

Answer is No workmens comp is only applicable to injuries sustained while on the job, damages to a vehicle are not part of workmens comp.

Can you still get workmens comp if you had drugs in your system?


Do you get paid for workmens comp doctor visits?


Do you receive a 1099 form for. workman's comp.?

no I didn't get a form for workmens comp

Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

Do i need to file income taxes Workmens comp did not send you a1099?

Do i need to file income taxes ,workmens comp did not send me a 1099? I did not file last year 2007 because i asked workmens comp. for a 1099 they did not send i assumed i did not need to file. Can i file both years?

Self employed workmans comp?

I am self employed in Ohio. Am I required to have workmens comp on myself.

If you do not carry workmens comp insurance can a company you are doing work for charge you for workmen's comp insurance?


Can i get charge workman's comp from a subcontractor company?

pork and beans

Can your job fire you if you are on workmens comp?

No they can't, if it has only to do with being on WC.

Can you collect unemployment if you were on workmens compensation?

NO, if you are out with work comp you get paid thru them.

What is workmens comp?

A insurance provided by employers for injured employees. There is a provision in Texas law whereby an employer may elect not to purchase workmens' comp insurance. About 33% of Texas employers do not have WC insurance.

If you are on workmen's comp and get fired due to not being able to proform your current job duties can you still get workmens comp?


In North Carolina does a subcontractor have to have workman's comp and general liability?


How may days do you have to be out of work before workmens comp pays you?

One week.

Can you still receive workmens comp after quiting?

It depends on the policy of your employer...I believe.

Where can I get more info on getting a workmens comp lawyer.?

You can find lawyers in the phone book that specialise in workmens comp cases.Also there are lawyer refferal offices.Can check with Better business buero to see if any complaints on lawyer.

Should a subcontractor have to pay his own workmens comp in the state of South Carolina?

The general expectation is that a contractor pays their own expenses. That would include a sub-contractor being responsible for their own workman's compensation. Most subcontracting agreements will specify this in the contract.

Can you get fired while on workmens comp?

Yes you can be fired will on workman's comp. Going on disability or WCI does not pardon you from any terminable offenses.

Are self employed owners who have no employees required to have workmens comp insurance?

You are allowed up to three employees before you have to do workman's comp.

Can you work another job while on workmens comp?

No you can not, and you can get in a lot of trouble for doing so.

Can a person collect workmens comp and do work on the side?

yes, but if you get caught, you will lose the workman comp payments In other words, you can't do it legally.

Is employee responsible for paying workmens comp?

no, unless you owe them for a fraudulent claim you received funds from.

Can you file a workmens comp claim for emotional stress due to a hostile work environment?