Do you pay sales tax on a car if it is a gift in new york?

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you will have to pay the sales tax on the vehicle . if the gift giver doen't right the sale price dmv will charge for what the car books out for. so wht you want to due is have the bill of sale with a price on it for say 1000 so you only pay tax on the selling price.
You use form DTF 802 and you are exempt from sales tax, this is for a gift from a family member
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If a retailer pays PA sales tax but has a delivery to New York what tax does he pay?

Answer . Pays no tax for the NY delivery if purchased online. another ans . Actually the method used for placing the sale makes no difference. Where the sale occurs det

What sales tax do i have to pay for a car?

Probably the total price you paid for the vehicle - less the value of any trade multiplied by the tax percentage of your state: Example. $20,000 vehicle minus $5,000 trade va

Where do you pay car sale tax?

If you purchased the car from a dealership, the dealer collects it from you and pays it. If you purchased the car from a private owner, the county courthouse will collect it f

What sale tax rate do you pay for A NEW CAR?

In general you pay sales tax in the state where you live, not the state where the car was purchased. Thus, you cannot avoid paying sales tax on a car by going to a no-tax stat

Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in NEW YORK?

Yes. When buying a car from a private seller, the purchaser should get a signed bill of sale from the seller, which includes the sale price and identifying information about t

What taxes do you pay if you give a car as a gift in New York?

Most states, New York included do have an exempton for the sales tax normally payable on a transfer of a car (or anything actually) by gift. Ask at the Department of Motor Veh

When do you pay the sales tax when buying a new car?

The sales tax can be paid to the dealer when purchasing a new car, and is usually factored into the total dollar amount that you give to the dealer before driving your new car

Do you pay sales tax in new jersey for used car?

Yes, when you register it, the tax is collected by the MVD. If you trade a car in (at dealer) the value of trade in may reduce the amount the taxable sale is calculated on.
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Do you have to pay sale tax if you buy a new car in Oklahoma?

By state law, only the seller/retailer has to pay the sales tax, not the consumer. ans The above is not just wrong, but even sort of crazy. There actually isn't a "
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Do you pay sales tax on cosmetics in New York?

yes, if new york has sales tax then most likely you will pay sales tax for cosmetics unless you are buying cosmetics that are less than a dollar($1.00) but, most likely you wo
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Can you revive a car as a gift would there be taxes on it in New York?

I'm not sure about the State of New York taxes but if the value of the car was $14,000 or over then a gift tax return would be required by the person who is gifting the car an