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actually basses can play on three clefs bass clef, tenor clef, and treble clef, its rare for basses to use to treble but it is used when the notes get higher and higher. so they can play both but mostly bass clef

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Q: Do you play Bass in treble clef or bass clef?
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Can the bass guitar play in treble clef?

it plays in treble and bass clef

What clef do you play bass guitar in?

Bass and treble clef.

Do you play trumpet play in bass clef or treble clef?

Treble clef

Do you play guitar in treble clef or bass clef?

treble clef

Do you play cello in bass clef or treble clef?

Bass clef. You can play treble clef but the fingering is very high up the A string on the fingerboard

What the clarinet play in bass clef or treble clef?

Clarinets play in treble clef.

Does the trombone play Treble or Bass clef music?

bass clef Generally it plays Bass clef. It plays all clefs though. Trombone treble clef though is different from regular treble clef.

What does the trombone play treble clef or bass clef?

Mostly bass clef, sometimes tenor clef.

What does the trumpet play in the bass clef or the treble clef?

The trumpet plays in the Treble Clef.

Does a cello play a treble clef or a bass clef?

Usually bass but it's possible to play treble on cello if your at a high enough level

What does the oboe play treble clef or bass clef?

Treble Clef. The oboe does not play in any other clefs.

Has a double bass use bass or treble or other?

I believe you mean to say "Does a double bass read from bass or treble clef?" The answer to that is bassists almost always read bass clef. But very good bassists that play very high read treble clef often and sometimes tenor clef.

What does a treble clef notation mean in music?

Its easy, uppercase and lowercase. If you are playing piano the treble clef means you play with your right hand and the bass clef means you play with your left hand. +++ The treble line is normally that which carries the melody, whereas the bass line - indicated by the bass clef, has the underpinning bass.

Does the accordion play bass clef?

Yes. Accordion music is like piano music because it uses both the treble and the bass clef. Usually, you play the notes in the treble clef with the right hand and the notes in the bass clef with the left hand.

Does saxophone have bass clef?

Saxophones usually play in the Treble Clef.

What is a treble clef and bass clef?

A treble clef and bass clef refer to music. A piano, for instance, is played by two hands....right hand plays notes on what is known as a treble clef, while the left hand plays on what is known as a bass clef. Most girls sing on the treble clef, since it can go very high. (Sopranos & Altos) Most guys sing on the bass clef, since it can go very low. (Tenors & Bass) Different kinds of instruments either play on the treble or bass clef.

What clef does a euphonium play?

Euphonium players can play in bass clef or treble clef. In the U.S. most Euphonium players read bass clef, while in Europe a lot of Euphonium players read treble clef.

What does the flute play treble clef or bass clef?

The standard flute uses the treble clef. Thank you for asking.

Is the xylophone play in the treble or bass cleft?

Xylophones usually play in the treble celf* - They have made xylophones for bass clef though.

What clef does the piano play in?

The piano uses both the Treble clef (for higher pitches) and the Bass clef (for lower pitches). It plays in the key of C. Sometimes it is misinterpreted that the Treble clef is for the rigth hand and the Bass clef if for the left hand. This isn't true. Both hands can use the Treble clef or Bass clef, or even the right hand can use the Bass clef and the left hand can use the Treble clef.

Why use bass clef when you can use treble clef?

Cello is a bass instrument, and therefore has the bass clef. And, if you wanted to play in treble clef, you would have to go a lot higher, whereas bass clef is a lot easier because it allows you to stay on the lower, more simple areas. I hope this isn't a babble!

Does a piano play the treble clef?

Generally, right hand plays in treble clef, and left hand plays bass clef.

What clef does the French Horn Play on?

Normally the treble clef but it can go down into the bass.

Does sax play in treble or bass?

Sax music is generally written in treble clef.

Do you play the euphonium in the treble clef or bas clef?

Both, actually. The Euphonium has a remarkable range from Low F in the Bass Clef all the way up to High F in the Treble Clef, about four octaves in all. But primarily they play in the bass clef.