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Do you receive a check when filing bankruptcy?


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Sorry, the question is confusing. In bankruptcy the filer reliquishes all non-exempt assets to the trustee, I have no idea of what type of "check" you could be referring to.


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Filing for bankruptcy will not impact whether you receive a stimulus check or not. Checks that affect your bankruptcy must be significant amounts.

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

If you have been filed for a fake bankruptcy, then you can sue the claming party.

You are not prevented from moving as a result of filing bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is not a crime.

If you receive a pay raise after filing for bankruptcy, it will not change things. In fact, the pay raise will end up being surrendered.

My home receive final judgement for foreclosure how would filing bankruptcy help us remain keep our home

Only those creditors you list on your bankruptcy schedules / creditor matrix (list) will receive actual notice.

To receive a car loan after filing for bankruptcy you will probably have to rebuild your credit before applying. You can also find a co-signer with amazing credit to counteract yours.

What do you mean? Filing bankruptcy is basically the same no matter what the reason for the filing.

"It is possible to refinance after filing for bankruptcy. However, there must be a certain interval of time between refinancing and filing for bankruptcy that varies depending on the country you are filing in."

If your partner files for bankruptcy and you don't then the bankruptcy will not appear on your credit report. But you will be partly responsible for before bankruptcy filing. Generally filing bankruptcy will affect the credit rating of the individual who filed it.

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy it is not necessary to have a lawyer. If you are filing for business bankruptcy, you must retain a lawyer on your behalf.

Filing bankruptcy has no affiliation with religion. If filing bankruptcy is he best financial options available, then you should do it.

Bankruptcy will not stop a garnishment. You cannot set aside civil judgments by filing bankruptcy.

check with your state's dept of labor...augusta, ga

No - having had a car that was re-possessed will not affect the filing of a Bankruptcy.

A person's income does not count after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. All that counts is what you had before filing bankruptcy.

It depends on that State's laws, but usually, if the wife is not a co-signor on any of the debt's that the husband is filing, she is exempt. To be on the safe side, check with the bankruptcy lawyer filing the petition.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a person filing for relief is called a

There is no law that requires you to notify your employer that you have filed bankruptcy. It is a public record, though, so it will show up on a background check.

If you receive an inheritance within 180 days after filing bankruptcy, it becomes the property of the bankruptcy estate and the Chapter 7 trustee can distribute the proceeds for the benefit of creditors.

You can contact the office of the bankruptcy attorney who is responsible for filing and managing the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy court will automatically send the bankruptcy attorney copies of the bankruptcy paperwork. In most situations the bankruptcy attorney or the office paralegals will be able to tell you the date of bankruptcy in person or via telephone. Visit the United States Bankruptcy Court Federal Record Retrieval website. Once at the website, enter your name at the time of filing for bankruptcy, the state where the bankruptcy was filed, and the year you believe the case was filed. Then you will get the full details of your date of the bankruptcy.

Why not? Filing for bankruptcy is not a crime.

Nope. Monrovia has not filed for bankruptcy

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