Do you say 'both of the two'?

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More often "both of them," although your way is not incorrect.
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What do you do when your ex-boyfriend says it won't work between you two because you were both too obsessive and didn't give each other space?

Answer . If he doesn't want a relationship, then it would be unwise to try to drag him back into one. You don't want to be the only person giving and working hard to keep

Are two people soulmates when they catch each other staring into one's eyes twice but the female smiles and he doesn't and they both say nothing?

Answer . No. it takes more that glancing into each other eyes to become soul mates. What you are describing is commonly called "bedroom eyes" Most of the time this is a goo
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Is it correct to say congratulations for you both or to you both?

The correct way would be to say "to you both." When using it in asentence correctly, an example of a grammatically correct sentencewould be "Our company approves of your decis