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For the fish that lives in a bubblegum dish would accomplish only two things - neither of which are positive:

They would displace the bubblegum, so one would have to look elsewhere for this chewy treat.

And, a bubblegum dish is generally a shallow environment, leaving the fish a very small area to 'stretch its fins out'.

Therefore, only a mentally unstable fish would dare to wish it lived in a bubblegum dish.

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Do foxes eat fish?

Yes, foxes will eat dish where they can easily capture them.

What is moqueca fish?

a dish that is from Brazila dish that is from Brazil

With a name that literally means pierced body what raw fish dish is sometimes called sushi without the rice?


What is the name of favorite dish of Assam?

The Assamese people like a dish called Tenga. It is very popular.Tenga is sour fish and the sour taste is sometimes made with lemons but mostly with tomatoes.

What is the Victorian dish of fish and rice called?

The dish is called kedgeree and it was a breakfast dish.

What lives in the sea and rhymes dish?

Fish rhymes with dish.

What is the the longest lived fish in the world?

a fish named Hanako was the fish who lived the longest.

What is the national dish austria?

fish was their favourite national dish because it was so fishy and they loved fishing for FISH :)))

What was the favorite dish of Jose Rizal?

the favorite dish of rizal is fish

What is the fish in the Peruvian dish called Ceviche marinated in?

An acid, usually lime or other citrus juice or sometimes a vinegar-based marinade. This "cooks" the fish without heat and flavors the fish or shrimp to supreme yummyness.

What rhymes with wish?

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What is another name for main dish?

Which depends on how many courses you are having on the dinner menu. If you had Soup a starter then a main then the main would be second course. If you had Soup, Fish Statter then a main then the main could be the third course. If you were to add a sorbet after the fish then the main would become the fourth dish. Main dish is sometimes called the entree.

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The main dish is fish and chips, try it its delish!!!!!

What does the name of plesiosaurus mean?

a plesiosaurus is a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago. It had a very long neck and four flippers. It lived in the water eating fish and sometimes birds.

What rhymes with bass the fish?

Words that rhyme with fish:dishwish

Japanese raw fish dish?

That is a sushi and sesemi. It has raw fish.

What is the food term for a fish dish served with its head and tail?


What is the most famous ancient Roman dish?

The most famous Roman dish was a condiment called garum.It was a fermented fish sauced flavored sometimes flavored with spices. They used it on just about everything and it came in various qualities.

Is fish and chips a traditional Liverpool dish?

It's a traditional dish throughout England.

Is dish a short vowel word?

Yes. The I in dish has a short I sound, as in dip and fish.

What rhymes with fish?

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fish bread

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