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The speakers are not "good"

An old guy like me that has a Spectra (Really) and had the stock sterreo die will find the stock speakers are OK, Needs a sub though, Will add one when I have the spare cash.

If you are under 45 I bet you will not be happy with the stock speakers.

But I urge you to try them, If they are good enough I am sure the money could go into a good sub. ; )

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What size are the rear speakers in a 1991 Ranger?

6X8 most speakers are 6X9, pioneer makes a factory replacement for Ford/Mazda that is 6X8

What is the overall height and width of a Pioneer Pro-1140HD TV with the stand and speakers?

Depends on the stand and speakers you choose if they're separate items. If it's all a part of a factory package, just go to the Pioneer website and look up the model, or the user's manual for that model to get the specifications.

Can you replace your factory speakers with component speakers in Lincoln Mark8?

Yes you can. I replace my factory speakers on my 1998 Ford Expedition with Pioneers.

Can you buy factory speakers for a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

You don't need factory speakers. Just buy the same size speakers and install.

Are kicker speakers good replacements for factory speakers?

hell yeah anythings better than factory

How many watts are factory speakers for a 1997 Crown Victoria?

Most factory speakers are any any where from 10 - 25 watts RMS. I wouldn't put factory speakers on an amp unless you want to blow them.

Where can you find factory speakers for a 2008 subaru legacy?

You can find the factory speakers for a 2008 Subaru Legacy on Amazon or Ebay.

What size factory speakers in 1998 Dodge Ram?

i have a 98 reg cab and i have stock 6x9 and put the same back in. i put pioneer in. and if its a quad cab i think its 5.25 in the back doors.

Who manufactures calcutta ultra braid?

Calcutta ultrabraid is made in the same factory as power pro the spectra Factory

What size are the factory speakers in a 2007 GMC Sierra Crew Cab?

Front speakers Front Door: 6-3/4" factory speaker note Far rear speakers Rear Pillar: 4x6" factory speaker note

Where can you buy speakers to replace factory speakers and fit factory holes 6 diameter for 1993 Honda Prelude SI?


What size speakers come factory in 95 Mitsubishi eclipse gs?

Go to and they will have all of the sizes of your factory size speakers for your car.

How do you insall speakers?

depends on what kind of speakers, factory replacments or aftermarket, what kind of car?

Can the Pioneer CDX-P1280 12-Disc CD Changer work with factory installed stereos?

The Pioneer units will need to have an adapter to work with most factory recievers.

Can factory wires be used with aftermarket speakers?

Yes they can be.

Can I install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio?

You can install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio, but if you're not good with car electronics you may want to have someone else install them for you.

What size speakers are in the extended cab of a 1994 ford ranger?

My 1992 had 6" Factory Round speakers in the front doors and 6 X 8 Factory speakers in the back. My 1998 has Factory 6X 8 speakers in the back (extended cab) and haven't checked the front ones yet. my 1994 has 6"x8" as well in the front and rear.

What is the size of the factory door speakers on a 1982 Chevy custom deluxe?

4in speakers in the door and dash

Are 6x9 speakers to big for 1998 explore?

According to the factory speakers are 6 x 8

I upgraded the factory speakers. Why are my front speakers louder than the rear speakers?

Check your EQ System, (The CD player) if the balance is in the middle

What size of speakers are factory installed in the 2000 Lincoln LS?


What size is the factory speakers for a 1998 Ford Explorer?


Where is the factory infinity amp on a 1996 dodge ram?

on a 96 there isn't one. well there kind of is they are on the speakers them selfs pain in the butt factory crap i ran new wire to all the speakers.

What size speakers are in the rear of a 1994 altima?

It will be slightly oversized 6.5" speakers if the car came without a factory CD Player, or 6" x 9"s with factory CD player.

I have 4 alpine speakers i would like to put in my 04 sable can i just install the new speakers and hook them up to the factory amp someone told me this wouldn't work it would ruin the factory stereo?

no that's stupid. whoever told you that doesnt know what they are talking about.granted, you most likely will not be drawing the full potential of those speakers with most factory stereos, but it will still sound 10 times better than any factory speakers

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