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Do you walk a teacup yorkie?


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January 05, 2012 12:52AM

A Yorkshire Terrier is a dog and it would need exercise just like every other dog does. You should walk him or her daily using a 6 foot lead and a collar. Daily walks are best, around 20 minutes a day and work up to 45 minutes a day.

Find a local obedience class in your area. Check with your local Dog Club, Animal Shelter or Veterinarian to find the nearest obedience class. It will teach your dog manners and how to properly walk on a leash & collar. You both get the added pleasure of learning to work together. I recommend using a nylon slip collar, like a choke chain but it is made of nylon. Measure you dog's neck and add 2 inches to the length to find the correct size for the nylon choker. It will not hurt the dog if used properly. You would only have this on your dog during walks, obedience classes, etc. Never leave it on as they could possibly hang themselves by accident.

Leave a regular collar on for everyday use. Just remember all dogs, no matter what their size is, need exercise and to learn the proper way of walking with you, plus manners. People seem to think sometimes, just because the dog is small, that it should be babied and pampered, but that is not healthy mentally or physcially for your small dog.