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i prefer a slower turnover for several reasons... primarily because slower water travel through the filter tends to give you a better single pass cleaning and isn't as hard on the cartridge pleats. most important is to remember to clean the filter(s) when the pressure has risen 5-7 psi over the clean pressure. and don't forget to degrease the cartridges occasionally to remove body oils etc...

The water speed through the filter should be low for best filtration. This means that your pump and filter need to properly sized in proportion to each other. A high power pump will not improve the clarity of the water if you're using an undersized filter with it.

A good rule of thumb is to size the pump so that you turn over the entire volume of water in the pool in 3-4 hours. Generally, you'll need the pump on 4-8 hours a day anyway, so you should get around two turns of the water per day, which is perfect. Then, use the pump rate (gallons per minute) to select the proper size filter (in gallons per minute). Using this method, you will ensure that you're getting good filtration, good water circulation, and not wasting electricity.


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Q: Do you want fast or slow turnover for system efficiency in a 15x30 above ground pool?
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How much sand is needed for a 15x30 above ground pool?

6 tons

How many gallon of water is in 15x30 in ground swiming pool?

how many gallons of water in a 15x30 swimming pool Don't know the formula but do know that a 4 x15 pool held about 500 gallons

How many gallons of water is in 15x30 ft ground pools?

This cannot be answered without knowing the depth of the water.

What is 15x30 equals?


How many gallons of water are in a 15X30 oval above-ground pool?

Go on the internet and look up formulas for volume. Then figure it out for yourself.

How many square feet is 15x30?


How many square feet in a backyard 15x30?

450 sq. ft

What is the material cost to finish basement?

A 15x30 basement will cost about four thousand.

How many gallons are in a pool that is 15x30?

We need a third figure (depth) for that calculation

How many gallons in a 15x30 pool?

Cannot be answered without knowing the length, width and depth.

If the side braces on a 15x30 pool buckled does the pool need to be drained to repair it?

Most likely ... yes.

What type of solar cover reel do you recommend for a 15x30 above ground pool if there is no room at either end of the pool because it is fenced?

of you put the solar panels out side the fence then u can do it. just make sure to put fence around the solar panel's

How do you measure your pool to know what size liner you need for an above ground oval pool?

It all depends on what shape the pool is. Rectangle : L X W X Height Free-form pools like kidneys etc, need a lot more detailing. L plus W plus H The way you would do this is by measuring from the inside on the wall, to the opposite side, inside on the wall. Do this in both direction on the pool. Most people measure from top rail to top rail, this gives them a wrong measurement. Let's say you have a 15x30 oval, you would measure from inside to inside, on the wall to get you measurements. To determine the height of above ground pools, you will measure from the bottom track to the top of the wall. Let's say it is 52" so you would have a 15x30x52 pool. Just a little side note, not every above ground pool is exactly a perfect measurement, saying that a 15x30 might read 14'8"x30'4" but in turn it will be a 15x30 foot pool.

How many gallons of water are in a 15x30 pool?

Formula is: length X width X avg depth X 7.5

Can you keep a 15x30 in ground pool shut down for the summer in Florida's hot weather?

I doubt it. Not without someone adding sanitizer (chlorine) on a regular basis. An alternative would be to add a Saline System, and leave the equipment operate for a few hours per day on the Timer. The saline system will produce all the sanitizer your pool needs, automatically, from a mild level of salt dissolved in the pool water. You would need an automatic topup (fill) device as well to counter evaporation.

16 x 31 above ground pool how much sand will you need for underneath?

I just installed a 15x30 pool. To get the required 2" of sand plus the cove around the edges took 4.5 tons. Here in Baltimore that ran me about $200 delivered from a garden center type place. You may need more if you have really uneven ground or need to do additional leveling. Hope this helps.

Can you create your own oval pool deck?

Honestly, it depends how handy you are. Of course, you COULD. Here's a how too on pool decks, which shows it's DOABLE.

How do you landscape around an above ground pool?

We built a deck on one end, about 10x10x(the height of the pool), with cement pavers under it making a floor for storage underneath it. Then around the pool (15x30) we put double landscaping fabric about 3ft wide, covered it with decorative gravel about 3" thick. Garden edging keeps the grass out, and the gravel in. We use large potted plants, small potted trees, and other decorative items, setting them in the gravel around the pool. Do not put plants and flowers directly into the ground, the roots can get under your pool and cause damage to the sides of the pool and the liner.

How can you find and repair a hole in a 15x30 above ground pool if there a leak?

Depending on how much water you are losing there are a few ways first one is to let the water go down on its own until it stops dropping then your leak should be somewhere within 50-100mm of the waterlinesecondly if you empty the pool then get under the liner and move about the sun will shine through the hole then you can repair it never get under the liner on your own as you can become disorientated quite easily.

How many laps would be considered a workout across a 15x30 foot pool?

A lap in a pool is considered 590 feet, or 1/8 mile. If your pool is 30 feet long, you would need to cover it almost 20 times from end to end.

What is the circumference of a 15x30 ft oval?

Oval = 2 semicircles connected with two parallel lines which are spaced by the diameter of the semicircle. Circumf. = (Pi x 15) + (2*15) = 15 Pi + 30 = 77.124 (to nearest 3rd decimal). Please note that an oval is not an ellipse.

Need to replace top rails for a 15x30 oval pool?

I got lucky, called island recreation where we bought pool 8 yrs ago. Turns out they have a local repair center with replacement chair rails. Told to bring in one piece, and they will give me what i need. Don't know the cost.

I have had a 12 yr old 15x30 above ground pool suddenly turned black after shocking it with granular chlorine what should you do?

There is a component of some brands of chlorine that can cause a black coating to come over the bottom of fiberglass pools. To remove it I recommend several bottles (3-5) of Regal Stain Remover (or any comprable brand). Let the stain remover set for an hour before scrubbing the black off. If this doesn't work, it's always a good idea to contact your local pool professional. In Dallas, TX Pure Pools is your best bet. Good luck.

How many gallons of water in pool 15x30 4'4 high?

1 gallon = 231 cubic inches4' 4" = 13/3 ft15-ft x 30-ft x 13/3-ft = 1,950 cubic feet = 14,587 gallons.That's the volume of the pool, whether or not there's any water in it.

Would it be worth the extra cost to replace a vinyl liner with a new gunite shell built inside old 15x30 pool or stick with the vermiculate bottom and a new liner since this one is 15 and leaking?

Think of it like this. This liner is 15 years old. How much is going to cost me to keep on fixing this one? How much is it going to cost me to put in a new one? More than likely, it will be cheaper to replace it. Good luck:)