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You would way more on the Sun because it is bigger then Earth.

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Why do you weigh more on the sun than the earth?

Because the sun has more gravity.

Do you weigh more on the sun than on earth?


Why do you weigh more on the sun?

You would weigh more on the Sun because it is a greater mass, and it has a greater gravitational pull than the Earth. In retrospect, you would weigh less on the moon, since it is smaller and less gravitational pull.

Why do you weigh so much on the sun?

The sun is much more massive than the Earth, hence, it has a stronger gravitational field.

How would a rock's weight on the Moon or the Sun compare to its weight on Earth?

It would weigh less on the Moon and more on the Sun.

If you went to the sun would you weigh more or less than you do on earth?

Assuming you were well insulated, you would weigh more. Your mass, however, would remain the same. Gravity at the "surface" of the sun is about 28 times that here on earth: 274m/s2.

If you weigh 125lbs on earth how much would you weigh on the sun?

i don no

How much more does the sun weigh than earth?

The sun weighs several million times that of earth,because the sun is not only much bigger the sun is also very denseI hope you find this helpful, :)

If you weigh 1200 pounds on earth how much would you weigh on the sun?

You would weigh 33,480 pounds if you could stand on the sun.

Why do you weigh more on Earth than you would on the sun?

Actually, if you could hypothetically stand on the Sun (and you can't) you would weigh far more on the Sun than on the Earth, by several orders of magnitude. Of course you cannot stand on the Sun; it isn't solid, so there's nothing to stand ON, and every molecule of your body would flash into plasma and disassociate at the heat of the Sun.

Where on earth do you weigh more and weigh less?

near the poles you weigh more

Would you weigh more on Venus than on the Earth?

You'd weigh more on earth but not by much.

How much would a 130 lb person weigh on the sun?

If the person weighed 130lb here, the sun has 28 times more gravitational pull then Earth, so the person would weigh 3,640lb!

Do you weigh more on Earth or on the Moon?

Your mass is the same wherever, but you would weigh more on Earth as the gravity is stonger.

Why do you weigh more on earth then on Pluto?

You weigh more on Earth than on Pluto because Earth has a higher gravitational pull than Pluto does.

If you weighed 120 pounds on Earth you would weigh how many pounds on the sun?

You would weigh 3,348 pounds on the Sun. (1.67 tons)

Does the sun have more or less gravity than earth?

The sun has more gravity than the earth because the earth rotates around the sun. The earth rotates around the sun because the gravity of the sun is trying to pull the earth in.

If you weighed 100 lbs on earth how much would you way on the sun?

If you weighed 100lb on Earth, you would weigh 2,436.4lb on the Sun

Would you weigh more on earth or Pluto?


Would you weigh more on the Earth or moon?


Why the sun didn't move around the earth?

Because the Sun is more massive than the Earth. If the Earth was more massive than the Sun, then it would.

Why does the sun weigh less than the earth?

It doesn't. They both the weigh the same. Do not confuse mass with weight.

Your weight is 100pds what is your weight on the sun?

If I weigh 100 pounds on Earth, I would weigh 2,790 poundson the surface of the sun just before I was vaporized.

Why does the earth get more energy from the sun in summer than winter?

The Earth orbits the sun in an oval shape. During the time where the Earth is closest to the sun, the season will be summer. The closer the Earth is the more rays from the sun that will hit it. More rays, more energy.

Why does a brick weigh more on earth than it does in space?

More gravity on Earth.

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