Breast Enlargement

Do your breasts grow from swallowing sperm?

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Does sperm help a female's hair grow on the head?

No, exposure to sperm or swallowing sperm does not affect hair growth.

Can a woman get cancer by swallowing the sperm of a man with leukemia?

Yes, you can get cancer from swallowing a man's sperm if they have Leukemia.

Can you get a diarrhea from swallowing sperm?


What is the probability of getting pregnant from swallowing sperm?

Zero, you will not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. Sperm needs to meet the egg, in order for you to be pregnant. And, in your mouth there is no egg.

Does swallowing sperm help growing girls breast?

No, there is no evidence of this. The size of a girl's breasts (as well as when she begins to develop) has to do with her genes; her diet and her weight can also be factors.

Is swallowing vaginal secretion harmful?

Just as harmful as swallowing sperm.

Does swallowing sperm whiten your teeth?


Is swallowing sperm nutritious?

No it is not nutritious.

Can swallowing sperm help you get pregnant?


Can ladies get pregnant by swallowing sperm?


Do you risk of infertility by swallowing sperm?


Can you pregnant swallowing sperm?


Could you get pregnant by swallowing sperm?

Are you serious? The answer is no swallowing takes it to your stomach, not your vagina

Can a 12 year old get pregnant by swallowing sperm?

The answer is no. Swallowing semen can not get you pregnant.

Does swallowing sperm make girls grow mustaches?

no In fact, it has many health benefits, as long as it's provided by healthy adults.

Will sperm dissolve or come out hole?

It depends are you swallowing this or where is the sperm going?

Can a girl lose weight by swallowing sperm?

No, but you could get a STD, infection or HIV.^STD's are only from oral in general not the act of swallowing sperm. Also, sperm has protein which is good.

How do you get your breasts to grow larger?

You can not grow larger breasts. You can grow the muscles under the breasts with some exercise. So learn to live with the breasts you have.

Is food poisoning possible if a girl swallows sperm?

No. No it is not possible for a girl to get food poisoning from swallowing sperm Yes. Yes it is possible to get food poisoning because swallowing sperm will not counteract it.

When sperm gets in contact with your breast tissue will it make your breasts grow faster or get bigger?

No, but it probably has some effect on the source. no it does not.

Is swallowing sperm helpful for your baby?

Food is helpful for the fetus, sperm will do nothing.

Do you get pregnant for swallowing sperm?

No, the only way for you to get pregnant is for the sperm to enter the vagina.

What happens when your breasts grow?

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.

Can you get fat from swallowing sperm?

No, that is ridiculous. Why would you do that?

Can a girl get pregnant by swallowing man's sperm?