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No, but it probably has some effect on the source. no it does not.

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Q: When sperm gets in contact with your breast tissue will it make your breasts grow faster or get bigger?
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How can you make your breast grow bigger and faster?

You can't make your breasts grow bigger and faster. Your breasts grow as they are meant to and there is nothing you can do to speed-up that process or make them grow bigger.

What type of toothpaste will make your breast grow faster?

none. There is nothing you can put on your breasts that will make them grow sooner or bigger. Wait.

Do tomatoes make your breast grow faster?

No, tomatoes do not make your breasts grow faster.

If you are 13 and still flat chested despite a family history of large breasts What can you do to make your breasts grow faster or bigger?

Birth control has been known to increase you're breast size, but you are too young to worry about breast size, just wait it out! :)

How do you grow bigger breasts faster?

to bad you cant :(

What massage should you use to make breasts grow?

Only surgery can make your breasts bigger. There is nothing you can do to make them grow faster or bigger.

How can you make your breasts grow faster naturally?

no there is no way for you to increase your breast naturally .

Is their a way to grow your breasts faster and naturally?

Nothing will make breasts grow. Hormones and DNA determine when you will develop breasts and how small or big they will be. No creams, food, drinks, or pills will do this. The only way is to have breast implants to make a breast larger.

If you have stretch marks on your breast does it mean that you hav them elsewhere?

It means your breasts are growing faster than usual do to puberty

Does your left breast grow faster?

No, but it can seem bigger or smaller. Often the breast size of one is larger than the other. It is a small difference, but it is there.

Does eating sour things enlarge your breasts?

No, sour things won't increase your breasts---but it sure will make you pucker your lips! Seriously, there is nothing you can eat or drink that will increase the size of your breasts or make breasts grow faster or bigger. Only genetics and your body's hormones control your breast growth. Since breasts are mostly fatty tissue, overeating or being overweight can increase overall body fat, which also can add fat tissue to the breasts and around the chest and back.

I am 14 and your breasts are really small like a 32A and you get made fun of i just got your period in the last month will your breasts grow faster now that you have your period?

Yes they will eventually get bigger. Since you have now had your period that means you are going through puberty. When you go through puberty you can now have babies your breast will get larger and u will get pubic hair

How do girls get breasts?

They don't just "get" them all of a sudden, they grow them. Breasts are glandular tissue and fat. Nothing will help you grow them faster.Hormones released during puberty cause growth in the breast tissues, which causes girls to get their boobs

If you are 17 years old and your breast size is a 32B how much bigger will your pregnancy make them and will you be able to breast feed?

Breast increase is different for each person and breastfeeding is absolutely an option no matter what your breastsize. It all depends on YOUR biology. Nobody can predict that for you but generally, women are able to breast feed even if they were small before getting pregnant. because both boobs grow at different times and one might grow bigger than the other or faster than the other totally! you can totally breast feed with 32B; that's the adveradge size for any woman. plus, your breasts will usually only grow from that point on, so you'll be fine.

Why are your breast not growing?

Well Breast are not growing if yu wear tight bra's or if you sleep with a bra. to grow yur breast yu have to sleep with out a bra and sleep in your stomatch to make them grow a bit faster, if yu massage the with bannana they with grow super bigger , i tried this and it actually work cause if yu see the black thing in the middle of the bannana it make breast bigger. TRY IT!

What is faster a340 or a380?

A380 is faster because it has bigger engines and its a bigger aircraft

Why do your friends have bigger breast than you when you are 12 and they may make fun of you when school starts?

Some girls develop faster than other girls. Even adult women can be small breasted to very large breasted and it depends on the genetics in your family. If your mother has small to medium breasts then most likely you will too. You are only 12 and soon you will start to see yourself developing a little faster. Don't be worried about your friends making fun of you because you don't have bigger breasts. Talk to your mother about your problem (she'll understand) and perhaps you can get a bra that will help fill you out a little more. You'll catch up!

In three months can you have breast milk?

No at three months it is most unlikely to have milk in the breasts. well im about three months and ive got breast milk so yes it can happen it just means that your body produces much faster and alot more

Does rubbing toothpaste on your breast tissue make your breasts grow faster or grow larger?

No, no toothpaste, lotion, cream, semen or other liquids or ointments will ever make breasts grow or grow bigger. Using items on your breasts can irritate the skin, though. However, the old Colgate (plain white) toothpaste (not the whitening kind) can help dry up pimples---but just a small dab of it right on the pimple. Don't use anything that dries the skin (like toothpaste does) on the nipples or aerola.

How to get bigger breast for a 10 year old girl?

i think you cant do anything they grow by them selfs. btw girls develp more faster and others slower.

Why is one breast at least a cup size bigger than the other and the larger grows at a faster rate?

i also have one breast bigger than the other i asked my doctor and she said that it is comppletely normal because believe it or not our bodies dont grow at the exactly the same pace. for example we all have something biggger than the other even though its not noticibale its because our bodies dont have the power to let us grow perfectly( i.e all the same size) so dont worrie its normal every ladie has a breast bigger than the other some are more noticable. =;)In certain cases it could be dangerous. Yes it is normal for all women to have uneven breasts but if one of your breasts is a full cup size or larger it could be a potential mask for a larger problem. Also something to look for is if one breast is significantly larger and tubular (sometimes called a snoopy nose breast) where the nipple almost points down towards the floor but your other breast is pert and the nipple points out straight ahead. These problems could potentially increase the risk of problems in the breast. So it is recommended that you talk to your gyno or GP and ask them to give you a thorough examination and perhaps stand so they can see how different the breasts are when you are walking.

Is there any way to lose weight without reducing your breast size?

I'm not sure there is a way to avoid shrinking your breasts when you lose weight. When a woman isn't pregnant, the majority of her breast tissue is fat. Maybe you could exercise to increase your pectoral muscles, but that has a tendancy to decrease the fat in your breasts faster than weight loss. As always, I say ask your doctor.

Does putting baby oil on the breasts make them grow faster?

Baby oil became linked to breast growth because in Chinese traditional medicine there are massages to help encourage breast growth and many women undertaking these massages also put baby oil on their breasts. However, the baby oil is used not to further help with breast growth but to protect the skin during massagng, as many women attempting these massage techniques will massage the breasts for a considerable time and such prolonged massaging could cause irritation to the skin. It is unfortunate that baby oil became rumoured to be itself a promoter of breast growth, when those that use it with breast massages see baby oil merely as a way of protecting their skin.

Why does crushed ice melts faster then ice cubes?

Because crushed ice has a bigger surface are, so mofre of the ice is in contact with the warmer environvenment.

What makes your breast grow faster?


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