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yes, you don't get the money for free. Your Mum and Dad pay the tooth fairy in there taxes. If they didn't pay the tooth fairy the tooth fairy wouldn't come. Why don't you just ask your Mum or Dad to give you the money then you can keep your tooth as well and keep a collection!

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How much does the tooth fairy pay for a tooth?

He/she pays me 500 dollars a tooth! I'm stink'n rich

Why does the tooth fairy exchange money for teeth?

Without money to pay for them it would be stealing, also she needs them to build her magical castle ;)

How do you get a gold panda for free on panfu?

its either you get your mum or dad to pay or you click on the gold panda button and enter a code.

What do you do when your permanent tooth is wiggling?

Stop wiggling it for starters. Try to avoid fiddling with it for a day or so, if the problem persists, see your dentist. ...and certainly don't actually attempt to pull it out, the tooth fairy wont pay you for adult teeth : P

Who were in Dian Fossey's family?

she had a dad named George and a mum named Dianne her father drank heavily and at the age of five her mum and dad were divorced. two years later her mum married Richard price he did not treat her well and made her sit with the house keeper in the kitchen whenever they ate up until she was ten when she grew up she went to college and he gave little or no respect for her and didn't even help her pay her college fees

How do i persuade my mum to get a puppy Because my dad and brother wants one and its only my mum who doesn't. She loves puppies but is worried about the cost. Pleae help?

You should treat your mum and wait until she is beaming with happiness and all 3 of you come in and say "Mum, can you remember that your happiness is our happiness and as this statement is so very true can we share your happiness, and so Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can we have a dog and we will all help pay for it!" and that should do the trick!

How do you get your mum to buy me a iPhone?

What you do is you beg your mum to get you one for your birthday or christmas. Tell her you will pay for an amount of the iphone. That's what I did to get mine and it worked

If you send a picture via blue tooth do you pay?


In Canada do you have to continue to pay child support for a child that's not mine?

no you should never have to pay for a child that is not yours i know as i am a child with a dad overseas and my sisters have a different dad and he does not have to pay for them

How do you convince your mum and dad to getting a horse?

Well you should have taken riding lessons, know at least basic horse care and be able to pay for part of the horses care. Once you are able to do that it should be fairly easy to convince them.

How much should you pay your dad for his iHome?

your dad worked hard for it fair market value

Does a dad have to pay child support if he the dad is still in high school?

If you are a father, you have to pay child support if the court says so. The age of the father does not matter.

How much does the average dental insurance pay for tooth extraction?


How can i get my get my mum to get me a blackberry curve my mum bought me a second hand blackberry pearl and the charger has always been faulty help?

That's easy! pay for it yourself.

When kids get older how come they don't believe in Santa the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy anymore?

Because they rotted their brains by not eating there fruits and vegatables and watching tv for 14 hours of the day. So eat your greens and pay attention to the amount of t.v. you watch

How much do you pay for child support if the father is not married to the mother?

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny

How do you become a fairy easy?

You have to be born one, become an attourney instead, they get better pay.

How do you use the word income in a sentence?

He had to pay his income tax. My dad has to pay income taxes.

What bill did Chris pay for Fathers' Day for his dad?

Apparently, Chris paid the electric bill for his dad.

How much Did Jacob's dad pay him to talk to Bella?


Where was Charles dickens dad when he could not pay the bills?

He was imprisoned

If a child visits the Dad for 3 weeks should he still pay the mother child support?

Honestly, I think the dad SHOULD pay child support even though I don't!!!

When governor play role more than one state then his pay becomes?

ya mum

How can a 10 year old do to get money for an iPad 2?

Check your bank account, if you have nothing in there, sell some of your old stuff on amazon or eBay. If THAT doesn't work, compromise with your parents, tell them you will pay them back. If you have lots of money in a different currency, swap them with your mum/dad.

How much would you have to pay for a blue whales tooth?

It depends on how big the tooth is but it should cost around £15.00 - £25.00. Blue Whales do not have teeth as such; they have baleen plates.