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Do your parents have any say as to whether you can stop your birth control if you are of legal age to have children?

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If you are any age, your parents can't really make you stay on Birth Control. If you are 18 or over and want children, they can't do anything about it. Once you are over 18, you are in control of your own life.

If you are 18, you are considered an adult, despite what your parents might say. If however you are not an adult, then having children might not be what is best for you. There is a lot of responsibilities that go along with having children. First you should know the ins and outs about having a child it is more than dressing them up. Secondly, you need a full time job with good benefits so you are able to support your child. And an education. Think about choices and your future!!

answerit depends on how old you are. why would you want to have a baby while still living at home? that's irresponsible and puts a lot of stress on your parents. wait until you are 18 and move out and start your own family. don't put the burden on your parents to support you child. that's selfish.

Talk to those who made the mistake of having kids too young first.

If you're a legal adult--which means over 18--then why would your parents think that they have the right to order you to remain on birth control? Maybe because you still live at their home? If that's the case...if you live at their home then you have to follow their rules.

2015-07-15 20:47:41
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Do people who are adopted often meet their birth parents?

Sometimes, it is up to the person, whether they feel right meeting their birth parents or not, and whether the birth parents want to meet them.

Should adoptive children be given the right back to their birth parents?

not unless their birth parents were abusive to them

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Can you get pregrant while on birth control?

yes. birth control is about having a certain number of children. in china, there is birth control and you can have maximum of 2 kids.

Why don't parents recommend birth control?

Many do.

Can you share birth control?

actually, yes you can share birth control. They even have special names for people who do this. They are called PARENTS!

What are the risks of getting pregnant after stopping taking birth control?

The risks are the same whether or not you've recently been on birth control.

How old do you have to be to get birth control without your parents?

There is no age limit.

Can a joint custody parent make the choice to put teen on birth control without the others consent?

Actually, the teen herself can go on birth control without the consent of any of you. So whether the 2 parents agree or not is irrelevant. The teen has to agree to it though.

Can you get pregnant if you stopped your birth control pills and spotted for 3 weeks?

Yes, if you stop the birth control you can get pregnant, whether or not you're bleeding.

Can you swallow chewable birth control pills?

Yes, you can swallow or chew birth control pills, whether they are the special chewables or the usual type.

Why are children that are born in the US aautomatically American citizens even if the parents are illegal?

In freedom charter, citizenship is identified through birth. Whether parent are immigrates or not it does not matter.

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At what age are parents financially responsibility for their children in NY?

at birth

What are pros and cons of birth control being given to teens in high schools?

The justification for offering birth control to high school students is that they "are going to do it anyhow;" the birth control helps keep them from actually conceiving, and supposedly promotes "safe sex." Opponents to this birth control, though, feel that this actually '''promotes''' sexual activity among high school students. They disagree with the notion that "they're going to do it anyhow." Providing birth control at the high school can also keep the parents uninformed about the sexual activity of their children; this can be bad or good, depending on the parents' attitude.

Do drug test detect birth control?

A drug test or a Urine test can detect just about anything that is in your system, whether it be legal or illegal. A drug test can detect whether or not you are taking birth control.

What does birth control do to a women?

Birth control helps prevent unwanted children for women. It also helps women regulate their period.

Is birth control pills or IUD easier?

Whether birth control or IUD is easier depends wholly on what you think. Taking birth control might be easier for some people, if they can remember to take a pill daily.

Can birth control shots prevent you from having children in the future?

No it does not.

Can you reuse a birth control patch?

No, you can't reuse a birth control patch. When you remove a patch, whether on time or early, you should discard it as it is of no use.

Why do couples choose to have more children?

Although large families are rare these days some people simply love children and will have as many children as they feel they can afford and some parents may even adopt or take in foster children. Then a few parents may keep having children because their religious beliefs may not allow them to use birth control.

What if parents use condoms?

Most parents that have the resources use some method of birth control if it is available.

Do you need parental consent to buy birth control?

Depends if you want your parents to know your on it or not, but If you want to be discrete then you can go to a local Planned Parenthood or Clinic and ask for birth control they give you a special green card that gives you the benefits to get birth control without paying for it and they wont tell your parents.

What if your boyfriend says no to birth control?

Then you would have to decide whether you want to get pregnant or not.

What is the best birth control pill for amenorrhea?

Any combination birth control pill will help with amenorrhea, whether due to low estrogen or low progesterone.