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Do your parents have any say as to whether you can stop your birth control if you are of legal age to have children?

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If you are any age, your parents can't really make you stay on birth control. If you are 18 or over and want children, they can't do anything about it. Once you are over 18, you are in control of your own life.

If you are 18, you are considered an adult, despite what your parents might say. If however you are not an adult, then having children might not be what is best for you. There is a lot of responsibilities that go along with having children. First you should know the ins and outs about having a child it is more than dressing them up. Secondly, you need a full time job with good benefits so you are able to support your child. And an education. Think about choices and your future!!

answerit depends on how old you are. why would you want to have a baby while still living at home? that's irresponsible and puts a lot of stress on your parents. wait until you are 18 and move out and start your own family. don't put the burden on your parents to support you child. that's selfish.

Talk to those who made the mistake of having kids too young first.

If you're a legal adult--which means over 18--then why would your parents think that they have the right to order you to remain on birth control? Maybe because you still live at their home? If that's the case...if you live at their home then you have to follow their rules.

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