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Once you turn 21 you are no longer their "anchor baby", and as such they have no citizen dependants to support. If they continue to stay, they can be deported and never allowed to return. If they leave the country voluntarily and apply for re-entry, they will have a far greater probability of getting the paperwork through with you here as a sponsor. It appears that they are trying to do it the right way. Let them.

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Q: Do your parents have to leave the country even though you are 21 and they can get their citizenship through you?
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Can an non green card child become a naturalized citizen if the parents are citizen?

Absolutely. The child can become a US citizen through its parents who are US citizens. The child has to apply for citizenship by filing in Form N-600 to obtain the certificate of citizenship. The child should be under 18 years of age in order to document their citizenship status. Even if the child was born outside the US, it will become a US citizen though its US citizen parents.

How can a us citizen loose there citizenship?

You cannot 'lose' your citizenship, No matter if you move to a different country you'll always be an US citizen unless you go through legal ways to change that; Its your choice though. If you break the law or anything of that nature you can have some of your rights revoked or temporarily suspended but your citizenship is still intact.

Do you have to be born in Zambia to be from Zambia even though your father is Zambian?

If one of your parents have Zambian citizenship, then you are a citizen. Dual citizenship is allowed until age 22. If you have questions, contact the Zambian embassy.

Can someone become president of Mexico even though they were not born in Mexico?

Only if at least one of your parents holds a Mexican citizenship.

If you were born in England even though your parents were born in Ireland does that make you an English citizen?

You would be a British citizen, but as your parents are Irish you would also be entitled to Irish citizenship.

Does Czech republic allow dual citizenship?

The short answer appears to be no, as the Czech republic asks for a renunciation of your previous citizenship when you are applying for Czech citizenship. There are some exceptions to this: - the country of which you are currently a citizen will not let you renounce your citizenship - the country of which you are a citizen does not issue certificates affirming/asserting renunciation (so you cannot provide proof of the renunciation) - renouncing your current citizenship would put you in physical danger As for the other way around, if you are a Czech citizen and you are voluntarily naturalized, you forfeit your citizenship. If, however, you acquire citizenship through being born in a country, or through marriage, it seems as though you could actually be a dual citizen. There are supposedly numerous people who have not notified the Czech authorities of their new status as citizens in other countries and have retained their Czech passport, so they are (at least for a time) de factor if not de jure dual citizens.

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How do you change your nationality in Moshi Monsters?

You can't, and technically if you have moved to another country, your nationality will still be the same, even though your citizenship is different.

Which country was Karl Marx from?

Germany, though he lived out much of his life living in exile in London as a stateless person, as he never had British citizenship.

Can your husband get citizenship even though he was brought here illegally as a child?

He can apply and go through the process like everyone else, although being in the country illegally means he is likely to be deported. This counts badly against someone for the purposes of applying and gaining citizenship; he is better to leave, apply from there and come back in the 'right' way.

If an American citizen marries a foreigner do they lose their American citizenship?

No you do not.The only person that doesn't have citezenship in America is the person from overseas.Another answer:Marriage to a foreign citizen does not affect one's own citizenship. If the new spouse wishes to obtain US citizenship, the laws of the home country determine whether or not that individual either gets dual citizenship or loses the original citizenship. For example, if a bride from New Zealand marries an American, she may gain US citizenship and retain her New Zealand citizenship. If a Chinese bride seeks US citizenship, though, China will not permit her to retain her Chinese citizenship.

can you have dual citizenship in the U.S. and Phillipines?

Yes, you can have dual citizenship in the US and Philippines. If you were born in the US it is easier, though.

What is jalal abualrub's nationality I know he is Arab but from which country?

Sheikh Jalal Abualrub is Palestinian with dual Jordanian-American citizenship. He was born and raised in Kuwait though.

Who grants and takes away citizenship?

The government branch responsible for this. Each country has a branch with a different name though. For example:For most of the countries it is the Ministry of InteriorUS: the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)Canada: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

Can the credit card company sue you even though you are not a citizen of the country where you get the card?

Yes. Why should your citizenship matter? If you did something that harmed the credit card company, they can sue you.

What are citizens?

they are the peopleAdded: (in the US) Citizenship is a status acquired by birth within the United States or through judicial proceedings known as 'naturalization.'One is also a citizen, even though born outside the United States, if both of his parents were citizens and one of them had a residence in the United States prior to the birth.

If i am a born Indian married to a Pakistani presently holding Pakistani passport my husband died recently how can i resume my Indian citizenship?

Anyone born in India is entitled to get an Indian Citizenship even though you stayed overseas as a citizen of another country. You will have to apply for a citizenship and you may be asked to submit a birth certificate- school records-sworn affidavits from 2 persons stating that they know you. Before you regain your Indian citizenship you will be asked to surrender your Pakistani citizenship/passport. Best of Luck

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Will a baby who is born in Australia by a foreigner automatically obtain Australian citizen?

Absolutley not. Yuo have to be born to Australian parents to automatically obtain citizenship. Otherwise it is a long and difficult process. Nice try though.

How do you get the emirati nationality?

You can't, you have to be born of UAE parents. You can try and get residency though, but need a job offer in the country to qualify

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The difference between citizenship and residency of a state can mean different things in different situations. It can be difficult to determine which state a person is a citizen of, although residency requirements for many things in many states are one year. Generally, though, citizenship of a state implicates the ability to vote or run for office there and the responsibility to pay taxes in that state.Added: Unequivocally - citizenship of a country is the higher value of the two.

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Can an asylee travel back to his country after receiving his green card?

Yes, but his country of citizenship could choose to revoke his status depending on the country (or even jail him depending on why he chose to seek asylum in the first place) . He should be able to get back in the USA though without issue.

Do US companies offer travel insurance to Canadians?

It depends if you have a US citizenship. If you do not then they will charge you an international fee of About $50. It takes a while to get your citizenship though.