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check and or clean air idle speed motor

2006-07-07 01:02:35
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Dodge Ram van dies after starting?

Dodge ram van dies after starting

92 Chevy 1500 pu dies while driving down the road and will restart after it dies each time?

clogged fuel filter

2003 Dodge Neon that will start up but will not stay running and dies right after it starts?

2003 dodge neon that will start but will not stay running and dies after it starts?

Whats wrong 1991 dodge dynasty starts then dies?

what is a controller in 2.5 motor in a dodge

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What happens if you whole family dies on virtual families?

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Having car problems it will idle fine sometimes but when you bairly hit the brake it chokes in up and dies on you What causes that Its a 96 Dodge neon Playmonth?

Check vacuum system for broken or disconnected hose

My 97 dodge stratus won't start after i drive from one side of town to the next stop the car and try to restart It acts like it completely dies then comes back to life after like 10 mins why?

try replacing the fuel filter.

Interrupted gas flow on a 1994 Dakota 318 runs a while and dies wait and it will restart seems to be air in line during a stall ...?

I had the same problem with my Dodge. Needed an o2 sensor also known as oxygen sensor. Hope this helps.

Truck starts then dies then doesn't restart?

altonator or a week fuel pump. a bad fuel filter.

What can be wrong if your 2003 sunfire just dies and will not restart?

Try the fuel pump, it may need to be replaced.

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Why cant you restart a Corvette once the battery dies?

The answer is obvious. The battery is dead and will not turn the engine over.

When you press the brake in your car you hear air and sometimes when you press the brake your car dies?

Sounds like your power brake booster diaphragm is busted or there is a leak in the vacuum line going to the brake booster.

Why would a 1991 Chevy astro van start but when using the brakes it dies and won't restart?

Timing belt.

How does a 2005 Dodge Durango act if the security system is malfunctioning?

Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.

What is wrong if 1992 dodge stealth DOHC non turbo will start and run for a few seconds and dies starts up without any problems again before this the check engine light was on?

just need a good tune up and again ajust the throttle body rpm screw.

1998 Buick Regal GS starts then dies and wont restart for 10 minutes?

Check your fuel filter and pressure.

1997 dodge caravan dies when using the ac?

why would a 1997 dodge grand caravan dye while driving when putting the ac on. It does not dye right away. It takes time. Then when it is about to dye it jerks about three times then dies.

Your ford van cuts out everything works just dies while driving?

If you able to restart after a few minutes, then your CMP is defective.

1993 Chevrolet 454 it starts when cold and dies when it warms up won't restart unless TBInectors are unplugged?

check the ignition coil

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Why does an 88 Chevy truck shut off while you are driving down the road it does not stall spit or sputter it just dies will restart easily after each time it dies?

its a electronic piece in the key push ron area in the steering collum the key rod connectes it to complete the electric curcuit circle if it cracked it will cause it to shut down and restart by itself..