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Dodge ram 1500 2009 where can you locate the speed sensor?


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2010-02-25 11:56:10
2010-02-25 11:56:10

That depends on what speed sensor you are looking for. There are Abs sensors on the front and rear that feed the speedometer, and there are input and output sensors on the trans that are used for shifting.


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It does not use an input speed sensor.

A 1998 Ram does not have an input speed sensor.

A 1999 Dodge Ram transmission does not have an input speed sensor.

Distributor speed sensor malfunction.Distributor speed sensor malfunction.

There isn't a mass air flow sensor on the Dodge Ram 1500. This is something that the Dodge Ram users have felt should have been included to make the Dodge Ram a better truck

The speed sensor is located on the left hand side of the transmission underneath the truck and when you pull it out you will lose tranny fluid but not allot The speedometer receives it signal form the rear axle abs sensor, not the trans output sensor.

The speed signal comes from the abs sensor on top of the rear axle.

There is no speed sensor reset. IT must be repalced if failed.

The speedometer signal comes from the abs computer via the rear axle speed sensor.

The vehicle speed signal comes from the ABS sensor on top of the rear axle.

The left front speed sensor is electric and does not have a cable. The sensor is accessed by removing the brake rotor.

It is on the driver side of the transmission tail housing. It is a two wire sensor.

It is the two wire sensor on the lower rear driver side of the transmission.

The speedometer signal comes form the rear axle speed sensor on the top middle of the rear axle.

That is on the tailshaft housing of the trans on the driver side.

There are speed sensors on the transmission, on the rear axle, and at the front wheel hubs.

on the rear of the tranny before the drive shaft

on my 4x4 it is on top of the rear diff into the housing..

It is on the back of the engine block, just to the passenger side of the distributor.

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