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Only as an option.

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Did 1982 El Camino SS come with posi-traction?

I don't know for sure, but my 1983 non SS Elke has it, so I would say yes.

Does a 2000 trans am have posi traction?

Yes, a 2000 Trans Am does have posi traction. If a car has posi traction, it means that the car has a limited slip differential. Posi traction is good to have when traveling in ice or mud.

Does a z28 camaro have posi traction?

Not all z28s have posi, I own a 83 and I does. It have posi. But you can buy a lock and it makes it posi.

How can you change the normal rear end on your 1965 mustang to a posi traction rear end?

get a posi traction rear end and swap it out.

What is it called when it isn't positive traction?

the correct term is posi-traction which refers to the power to the differential then to the rear wheels, a posi-traction equipped vehicle provides power to both drive wheels if one of the wheels starts to slip, a non posi-traction vehicle only drives one rear wheel.

Can you make a 1996 Chevy 1500 have posi traction?

YES you can.

Is a 12 bolt rear end from a 1971 Chevy C10 posi traction limited slip or neither?

its a posi tract.

Will a 7.5 posi trac rear end from a 85 El Camino be a direct fit in a 79 El Camino?


Does a 1986 firebird have posi traction?

It was an option, you will have to check yours to know for sure if you have it.

What is a posi rear-end?

A posi rear end (positive traction) drives both rear wheels.a posi rear end is when both rear tires spin instead of just one

How do you know if a truck has posi traction?

jack up drive axle with vehicle in neutral and turn one tire. If the tire on opposite side turns the same direction as the one you did you have posi traction. If it turns the other direction its a diff.

Is a Dana 70 HD a locking rear end?

It could have posi traction. It was an option.

Does dodge charger rt have posi traction?

Depends on the year - some did, some didn't

Does a 1980 z28 camero have a posi-track rear end?

Z28's came with a limited slip differential. Trans Ams had posi-traction.

Does a positraction improve gas mileage?

Posi?ætraction does not improve gas mileage nor does it decrease gas mileage. The traction does not come into play in less the pavement is wet.

What does open mean on chrysler 8.25 rear axle?

It does not have a limited slip, posi traction system .

Did the Cadillac Catera have posi-traction?

Mine does but i think it is electronic controlled for one starts to spin the other wheel will start working for more traction. i done a burnout that's how i figured

Did el caminos come with posi rear end?

Posi was offered as an option.

Does a 1966 mustang have positrac?

No, not originally. Many 'resto-mods' install bigger rear ends with posi-traction, however. If it's a car being billed as 'all original', it will not have posi.

Did the 1984 Z28 HO camaro come with posi?

It was available RPO G80 was Posi.

Does the 2006 dodge charger have posi traction?

It does not have any sort of limited slip devise in the axle. It does have electronic traction control that uses the brakes to control wheel spin.

In a rear drive car is one of the wheels identified as the traction wheel?

most commonly the right side tire is the traction tire unless it is a posi-trac rear end. then both tires are main traction tires. the easiest way to tell is lift one tire off the ground leave the vehicle in neutral and if the tire rotates there is not a posi.

How do you tell if a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII has posi-traction?

non came with it, you would have to check the differential to see if its aftermarket, unless you have the tasca but only one was made

What are the advantages of a posi track rear end?

Better traction because both wheels are receiving power from the engine .

What is better an open differential or Posi rear end?

It depends on the application. Posi is good for straight track racing, or good traction while off-roading, but wears out tires fast on curves and turns.