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Does Adderall have to be taken every day?

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Need to Take Adderall DailyI've been taking Adderall for several years in combination with an antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds. I'm on a rather high dosage too. After discussing it with my doctor, she agreed that I could "self-medicate" insofar as I remain within the guidelines she provided. On weekends I rarely take it all. During the week when I have more responsibilities, I take an average dose to negate the 'drowsiness' caused by my other meds. When I'm feeling especially overwhelmed, tired, or down - mainly in the fall and winter, or very overcast, gloomy days, I choose to take the maximum dosage my doctor allows.

Of course, meds effect everyone in different ways at different times. Some people absolutely need their Adderall everyday. I know some people who only need it along with anti-depressants, in the worst part of winter. Yet they don't need it at all when the weather is nice. Go figure.

However, if I stop taking my adderall for a length of time, I've been told to take a fraction of my full dosage at first and work back up to my usual dosage. Adderall is a stimulant so I guess - if you take high doses like I need - it could cause health problems to suddenly start taking high levels of it after a break.

The best thing to do, IMO, would be to call your doctor and ASK. If you are uncomfortable calling and asking your doctor a simple question like this, perhaps you should shop around for a physician you can be comfortable with.

Here is more from Wiki s Contributors:

  • I have been taking Adderall for a while now, and I find that I can tell pretty easily how much I need on a given day -- from none to quite a bit. I try to not take it on the weekends or for a few days at a stretch sometimes if I think I can manage without it. I have found that when I am taking it continuously for a while, I become less sensitive to its effects. Taking a few days off seems to restore my body's sesitivity.

Be careful with other meds, though. The SSRI types of drugs should be taken every day. These are most of the antidepressants and Strattera. The stimulants (Ritalin, adderall, etc.) can be taken as needed. I took myself off of an antidepressant I was taking (gradually reduced the dosage over a couple of weeks) because I found it was interfering with my ability to become properly motivated by stressful situations.

  • I used to think I didn't need my Adderall on the weekends. But I found that it seemed to work better, and worked better with the other meds I take if I took it everyday. So it's really a personal choice.

It all depends on what functions you want to perform on a given day. If you have ADHD and you need to be alert, focused, and able to concentrate, on a given day, then you need to take it. If your activities on a given day will not require these abilities then you can get by with either a reduced dose or no dose. However, if you opt for "no dose," then your body will begin the Adderall withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these symptoms depends on how high a dose you were taking before you opted for "no dose" on a given day or weekend.

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Can Adderall and clonidine be taken together?

I take it every day together but make note it will make your eyes very heavey feeling about 2 hours after taking the clonidine

Can Adderall be taken bactrim?

Can you take Bactrim with adderall

Can adderall help you pass a marijuana drug test?

Yes it is a proven fact. i take adderall and am on papers but smoke every day. the adderall makes the THC and chemicals undetectable.

Is it normal for your heart to race the next day after taking adderall?

Adderall has been shown to cause heart murmurs do to the increase in your blood pressure. I have taken adderall and noticed the next day that my heart 'races', but it is do to your body readjusting to normal without the drug.

Can benedryl be taken in place of Adderall?

........ Adderall is an amphetamine and will keep you awake. Benedryl usually puts you to sleep. Do you mean taking benedryl to fall asleep after you've taken adderall??

How many pills are taken every day in general?

about 3 pills are taken a day

Can citalopram be taken with adderall xr?


Is it ok to take Adderall just in the morning and then Ativan later in day?

You shouldn't NEED a tranquilizer every day! If the Adderall is making you that jittery that you think you need Ativan, you need to have your doctor lower the dose.

When should antimalarial drugs be taken?

When taken once a week to prevent malaria, they should be taken on the same day every week. When taken daily or several times a day to treat malaria, they should be taken at the same time every day.

Is it harmful to take a 25mg adderall every day without a prescription?

It is harmful in that some people with heart conditions cannot use Adderall. If you are not approved by a then don't use it.

You were taking adderall xr 20mg a day for five months you have not taken adderall for three months Will it still be detectible in drug test?

It won't show up in a standard urine test after a week.

What if you took 90 mg of Adderall?

I wouldn't recommend it. I've taken over that in a day and experienced heart palpitations and anxiety.

Can Omega 3 be taken with Adderall XR?

Yes; there is no known interactions with Adderall XR and Omega 3.

Is 80Mg of adderall every day dangerous?

Absolutely.. The amount of dopamine in 80mg is enough to make someone pyschotic.

What is the average weight loss when taking Adderall?

Adderall affects everyone differently, so it is all about how much is taken and how often. Adderall XR will most likely cause loss of appetite (more so than regular Adderall). It all depends on how much you eat in a day. I take Adderall XR and there are times when I do not eat until dinner time. It varies for everyone.

Are Adderall and coffee together?

Adderall and coffee are both stimulants. I have been on Adderall for many years and I drink coffee almost every day. If your body is sensitive to caffeine, then I would avoid combining the two. In general though, it's safe to mix them.

What is the difference in adderall and adderall XR?

adderall comes in 2 forms, an instant release(IR) and extended release(xr). the instant release works faster but doesnt work as long and is typically taken multiple times a day over the course of the day and the xr is typically taken once in the morning and releases the drug slowly into your system as it breaks down in your stomach.. Its a matter of preference i guess or what your doc thinks is best for you.

How long will it take to get adderall out of your system if taken 1 a day 20mg to pass a probation drug test all suggestions precautions and methods welcome because college is hard but easy on Adder?

It may take up to seven days to get Adderall out of your system if taken on a regular basis.

Can synthroid and Adderall be taken together?

No, Synthroid and Adderall should not be taken together. Mixing the two drugs can cause adverse reactions. It is best to just take one at a time.

What are drug precautions taking an antihistamine with adderall?

The precaution is that the effectiveness of the adderall and/or the antihistamine may be reduced when the medicines are taken together.

Can Adderall be taken as a booster to Vyvanse in the afternoon?

Yes I think it can

How long snorting Adderall last?

Adderall is prescribed for oral use, and should be taken in that manner. If the whole amount prescribed is snorted, its effects will last the same length as if taken orally.

How many children around the world are kidnapped every day?

Round About 10 childen are taken from ther homes every day around the world this is the cause of 3650 children taken away every year if not more

What dose of adderall would produce the same effects as 20 mg per day of Vyvanse?

25mg of lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) is similar to about 7.5mg of dextroamphetamine (, but lisdexamfetamine is designed to last longer. Adderall is a mixture of 4 amphetamine salts (which comes in extend release Adderall XR and normal immediate release). Since 12.5mg of Adderall is equivalent to about 7.8mg amphetamine base (, I would probably try 15mg Adderall XR (designed to be taken once a day in the morning). If that seems to strong or weak, 10 and 20mg Adderall XR are also available. (As well as non-XR Adderall in 5,7.5,10,12.5,15,20,25 and 30mg)

Does Adderall make you depressed?

yes it can....when you take adderall youre taking a collection of amphetamines, which floods the chemical dopamine in your brain. so youll get the warm feeling, sweat maybe and of course the concentration that adderall is intetended for, but when it begins to wear off many people experience "crashing" which is when you no longer feel euphoric and full of energy, sometimes people get the chills or just mentally feel crappy...taking adderall, every day in any amount can definitely lead to some depression. remember its highly addictive, if you feel down, depressed or have physical illness later in the day after having taken adderall i would suggest stopping use for a few days and you will feel better. do research, google adderall depression, many people experience it