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No you can't, they aren't part of the same company.

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Q: Does American Airlines accept Iberian Airlines miles for frequent flyer program and vice versa?
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China airline frequent flyer program?

China Airline's frequent flyer program is called Dynasty Flyer. Partner airlines are Mandarin Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

How do you get on frequent flyer program?

Apply on the airlines website

Is American Airlines Advantage a frequent flyers' program or a term referring to the employment of newly accredited pilots?

American Airlines describe their AAdvantage program as one of the most popular loyalty programs in the world. It is part of oneworldå¨, an alliance of 12 airlines worldwide, which allows them to offer frequent flier miles to 840 destinations in 156 countries.

How many sky miles do I have with American Airlines?

None. If you have Sky Miles, you must be enrolled with Delta's frequent flier program. American Airlines frequent flier program is called AAdvantage. If you are a member of AAdvantage and want to know how many AAdvantage miles you have, call 1-800-433-7300, or sign in to your account online.

What frequent flyer program does Emirate Airlines have?

Emirate Airlines hosts a frequent flyer program that offers free flights and upgrades on flights, special offers, priority check-ins, and bonuses of 150% extra miles.

What were some of the programs Robert Crandall introduced to American Airlines?

In 1981 Crandall introduced the concept of the frequent-flier program, calling it "AAdvantage" and rewarding repeat customers with free flying miles. American Airlines also introduced "AAirpass

Which airlines are partners in the WorldPerks Frequent Flyer program?

There are roughly 20 different airlines that are partners in the WorlPerks Frequent Flyer Program. Some of the included airlines are: Aloha, Horizon Air, Kenya, and Trans States. There are a number of hotels and rental car companies that also participate.

What are some frequent flyer programs?

United Airlines introduced the very first Flyer Program. It is a loyalty program offered by many airlines. The first one provided plaques and promotional materials to members who would fly on their planes. Others that use this are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and many other Airlines in the world.

Where can one find the American Airlines website?

One can fine the American Airlines websites online. The official website is AA where one can book, change or cancel flights, check flight status, pay for baggage and join the frequent flyer program, AAdvantage.

Does American Airways offer a frequent flyer program?

American Airways offers a frequent flyer program that can be used on any of their flights, including international.

What is American Airlines AAdvantage?

American Airlines AAdvantage is a customer loyalty program where you earn miles that are similar to delta sky miles by flying with American Airlines.

Does LAN Argentina add miles to American Airlines frequent flyer program?

Yes, but i think only in flight routes betwen USA and Argentina (No Argentinian domestic routes).

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