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No, as long as you have verification of who your repoing it for or if you have the title and papers saying they owe you.

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Q: Does Arkansas require a license to become a repossession agent?
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How do you become a repossession agent in Minnesota?

To become a repossession agent in Minnesota a license from the state is required. A tow truck and license to operate it are also needed.

What states do not require a license to become a PI?


How do you become a Repossession Agent or Repoman in Miami FL?

Usually Repossession agencies look for Repoman that have their own truck with a wheel lift and show proof of insurance. Recovery agents should obtain a Class A license.

What legal qualifications or licences are required to become a vehicle repossession agent in the state of New Jersey?

No license is required,however you must have liability insurance

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How do you get your license to become a repo man?

In many of the states where repossession licenses are required, the new or prospective repossession agent will be required to apprentice with a licensed repossession agent. The repossession company will hire new drivers to ride with older, more experienced drivers who teach them the trade. In some cases, new drivers may be required to rider for a time in a "spotter" or camera car. Apprenticeships typically last for one year.

What is needed to become a repossession agent in Oklahoma?

my answer is to just go to oklahoma and just you becomes a repossession agent..........this is not real DONT DO IT.

How do you transfer Arkansas drivers license to Oklahoma drivers license?

Become a resident of Oklahoma, go to the DMV with two forms of ID, proof of residence, your SSAN, and cash (or a check), and go through the licensing process.

How do you become a repossion agent in west Virginia?

In order to become a West Virginia Repossession agent, training is required at an accredited school. Some states require licensing, so a test may be required, and experience working in a related field of real estate may be required to test. After a surety bond and state licensure, a tow truck operator CDL license are also required.

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What certifications do you have to have in Georgia to become a repossession agent?

check with the State assoc.

How do you become a repossession agent in Ohio?

search on "recovery agent" + OHIO" in your browser.

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Click this link. Read it and thinks about it. Good Luck

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