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He has two beautiful daughters.

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2008-11-05 23:19:53
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Q: Does Barack Obama have a son or daughter?
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Famous son or daughter of Hawaii?

Famous Son: Barack Obama. Famous Daughter: Bette Midler.

Is Sasha Barack Obama famous?

of course,she is the daughter ofB Barack Obama .

Is Sasha Obama really related to Barack Obama?

Yes, she is Barack Obama's younger daughter.

Did Obama's mother have an illegitimate son?

While internet myths seem to be everywhere, this is another with no proof and no evidence. No, Barack Obama's mom did not have any "illegitimate" sons-- she had a son (Barack Obama) with her first husband, and a daughter (Maya Soetoro) with her second husband.

How many children did Barack's Obama mom have?

She had two-- in her first marriage, she had one son -- Barack; in her second marriage, she had one daughter-- Maya.

Who is Barack Obama's stepdaughter?

This is an internet myth. There is no evidence that Barack Obama has a step-daughter.

When did Barack Obama have his first daughter?

Barack Obama's first daughter, Malia Ann, was born on July 4th, 1998.

Is Barack Obama Frederick Jacobs real dad?

No. If you are asking whether President Barack Obama has a secret son, that is a myth. Mr. Obama has two daughters with his wife Michelle. Tabloids have spread rumors about a secret son (some tabloids say a secret daughter) but these stories are false. Barack Obama has two children-- Sasha and Malia. Those are his only children.

What is Barack Obama's son's name?

He has no son.

How old was Barack Obama's Father when he was born?

Barack Obama's dad was born in 1936 and his son Barack was born in 1961. Therefore, Barack Senior was 25 when his son was born.

Is Barack Obama's first daughter not his?

Barack Obama's first daughter (Malia, born 1998) is a biological child of Barack and his wife Michelle. They have another daughter (Natasha, known as Sasha, born 2001).

What is the name Barack Obama's oldest daughter?

The given name of Barack Obama's oldest daughter is Malia Ann Obama. Her younger sister's given name is Natasha Obama ("Sasha" for short).

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